On September 9th, Digital is coming to a classroom near you. DocuSign is ready to help K-12 education rev up their engines and offer students and faculty the digital tools necessary to feed our future generation’s young minds.  

In fact, DocuSign is welcoming you back to the ‘DocuClassroom’ with a webinar that will “rewrite the rules of education.” Featuring tried and true advice from Gary Appendfelder, Director of Purchasing at Metro Nashville Public Schools, we’re setting you up with the syllabus that proves that Digital equals success.

But why rock the boat? Because we can turn a great system into something even better and ready to cater to the tech-savvy future generations.

How to spruce up our education system? While you’ll definitely find out in tomorrow’s webinar, here’s a quick teaser: Digital Transaction Management (DTM),

Digital Keeps Education (Financially) Alive

Paper costs a lot. That’s no surprise, but students and faculty burn through a scary amount of paper. From textbooks to handouts to all of those forms you need to fill out, the white sheets are our environment’s swan song. Digital platforms, anyone?

Point made in 2004 where Stark State College purchased over 9,600,000 sheets of paper, equaling about 19,200 reams. A quick search on Staples reveals that a cheap ream (500 sheets) of recycled paper is about nine dollars. If buying in bulk reduces the price by a good 50%, those 19,200 reams still cost the school $86,400.

But that’s college. Imagine the K-12 scenario that requires hand-outs, paper-based assignments of all sorts. The costs and paper-waste don’t fit with 2014.

Automated and Streamlined Document Tracking – You’ve Got More Important Things To Do

No more “my dog ate my homework, “ and certainly no more stacks of coffee stained paper. What if you’ve an important purchase order or approval request with a tight deadline? Why stress in organizing and orchestrating signatures. With a digital platform, you can send a packet of documents to a group of people and sit back and watch as the documents are eSigned and delivered.

Teachers and faculty shouldn’t chase down administrative paperwork or permission slips – their students need them. With a digital platform, documents are:

  1. Automated and Easily Retrievable – You’re a ‘search’ and a ‘click’ away from any document you may need.
  2. Automated Reminders – Let the platform send out reminders to sign documents! It’s usually the second reminder that gets them, but you shouldn’t have to use your time to get this done, especially if the workflow involves many people.

From here on out

Simply put, there’s no good reason not to adopt digital platforms, like DTM. Education’s dependency on paper costs students and educators more than it should. Transitioning to DTM will help education in a variety of ways, and will ensure a better, smoother, hassle-free experience for all involved. All it takes to get the ball rolling is getting some schools to adopt the system and show how effective it is. Once that happens, more schools will convert, and then there’ll be no looking back.

Although, with all of those trees saved, it would probably be hard to look back even if anyone wanted to. 

Ready to learn more? Click here to register for our webinar on September 9th at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET – Rewriting the Rules of Education: Best Practices of Digital Adoption in K-12 Institutions.

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