DocuSign Transaction Rooms lets you invite others to a Transaction Room. Some of our users have asked, “Why would I invite anyone to a Transaction Room?” Here are the top-five reasons why you should:

#5 Collaboration is Key

From the buyer and seller, to home inspectors, to loan officers, and many more, all parties should be invited to each Transaction Room they are involved with. This will allow you to easily share any and all documents that they need access to. Documents can be shared with a single person or with everyone with one click or touch.

#4 Communication Options

When a user is invited to a Transaction Room, they receive an invitation to join DocuSign Transaction Rooms for free. The invitee can accept or completely ignore the invite, and you, the inviter, can still utilize Transaction Rooms in the same way with that user. You can share documents and add them to eSignatures no matter what they decide to do with the invite.

#3 DocuSign eSignatures

Within a Transaction Room, users have the ability to send documents out for eSignature. Any person who is needed as a participant of a DocuSign envelope must be invited to the Transaction Room prior to setting up that envelope. For instance, if the buyer and seller need to sign a contract, both parties must be invited via the People tab before the envelope is created and sent.

#2 User Activity

DocuSign Transaction Rooms provides its users with the ability to view any activity of the invited users. For instance, even if a buyer ignores an invitation to a Transaction Room, a timestamp will still show you when he or she downloaded a document they received via email link. For parties who join the Transaction Room, you can see a timestamp of whenever they viewed, signed, and sent documents. This can be found within each person’s activity log.

#1 One-stop Shop

Inviting all of the involved parties into a Transaction Room allows you to use DocuSign Transaction Rooms as the original creators intended: a one-stop shop where you can add, sign, and share with anyone, at any time, anywhere.

Do you invite people to your Transaction Rooms? If so, tell us about your experiences below in the comment section.