If you frequently split PDFs in Transaction Rooms, I have great news for you–splitting just got easier! With our new multiple select capability, you can now easily split large files without clicking on every single page.

See how painless splitting can be by following these four steps:

1.  Open the PDF you need to split

2.  Click on Document Actions and select Split

Blog PDF Splitting 720x405 MKC-3540

3.  Click anywhere on first page of the new file you need to create

screenshot-realestate.docusign.com 2016-02-16 11-15-08

4.  Next, hold Shift while clicking on the last document of the new file and all the documents in between should be automatically selected and grouped in the first new file.

screenshot-realestate.docusign.com 2016-02-16 11-15-17

We realize you don’t have time to waste, so you can now click anywhere on the document tile to select instead of having to click on the tiny circle in the upper left corner.

Easy, right? And the good news doesn’t stop there.

Not sure which document you need to select? Hover your mouse over the page you need a closer look at and our zoom feature will help you easily recognize which document you are about to select.

screenshot-realestate.docusign.com 2016-02-16 11-23-27

I challenge you to log into DocuSign Transaction Rooms and start splitting those huge PDF’s into more manageable documents. Let us know how it went in the comment section below.

Brent Boyens