Save your email conversations!

The DocuSign Transaction Rooms program contains many helpful tools that allow you to add documents to your Transaction Rooms, but did you know that you can actually convert an email conversation to a .pdf file and store it directly into the program?

Let’s say you and your client have negotiated an important deal via email, and you wish to capture the entire exchange and store it in DTR. You can do this today by using the #pdf subject line command.

As always, any documents you wish to store in DTR via email must always be sent to your DTR inbound email address. You can identify your inbound email address after logging into DTR by clicking on My Account. Next, choose Settings. On the left menu, select Inbox Details. Your inbound email address will display on the right.

To convert an email conversation to a .pdf file, simply forward the email to your inbound email address, and type the command #pdf (no spaces) in the subject line. You can enter the command anywhere in the existing subject line if you wish.

Our email engine will receive your email, convert the entire forwarded string to a .pdf file, and store the document in your inbox. The name of the file will be whatever was previously entered in the subject line. If you deleted the existing subject line and used just #pdf as the subject, the name of the resultant file would be “message from <your name>.pdf.” From your inbox, you can rename the document and copy it to one of your Transaction Rooms if you wish.

We hope you enjoy this feature, but more importantly, we hope it adds value to your business. Stay tuned for more real estate tips!

Mark Wilkins

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