Bulk actions? What are they and how can I utilize them?

Within DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR), you have the ability to take actions on not only one document within the document preview, but also on several documents from the general grid or tile view. These are known as bulk actions. Bulk actions are available wherever documents are found within DTR. This includes the Inbox, My Docs, and Transaction Rooms sections. A bulk action can be performed on one or more documents.

There are small differences in available bulk actions depending on what section of DTR you are operating in. Here are the options available for each section:

To initiate the bulk-action options within the grid view, hover your mouse over a document and click on the small square in the upper-left corner. This will show all of the available bulk-action items at the top of the page next to the filter dropdown. You will not see the bulk actions until a document is selected.

If you are using the list view, simply click the box to the left of the document to show the available bulk actions.

Let’s take a look at what functionality each bulk action provides you.Move: Within the Inbox and My Docs sections, you can move documents directly into other active or closed Transaction Rooms. If you’re within your Inbox, you can move documents into the My Docs section as well. Documents that are moved to a different location do not leave a copy behind in the prior location (this is different from our copy option). The example below shows three documents being moved from the Inbox to an active Transaction Room with the address 1531 John Drive.

Copy: This bulk action is available in all three sections. It allows you to copy one or more documents to either a My Docs folder or a specific Transaction Room. In the example below, all of the documents within the Transaction Room, 1531 John Drive, are being copied to a folder within the My Docs section named 1531 John Drive Archive. The copied documents will remain in the transaction room (different from the move option described earlier) and also be placed in the My Docs folder.

Email: When you need to email more than one document to a third party, use the email bulk action. This will allow you to send several documents to within a single email. The recipient will receive an email containing a secure link where they can click and download all the files on to their machine as a zip file. The secure link will automatically disable after 30 days to ensure the documents’ safety.

Combine: Some agents and brokers create transaction packets of all the documents within a Transaction Room. The combine action allows you to easily do this. If you select two or more documents and then click the combine icon, you will be prompted to give the new combined document a name. After you click save, a new file (PDF) will be placed in the Transaction Room and the original files will remain in their original state.

Download: By selecting one or more documents, the download action allows you to download multiple files as a single .zip file onto your local machine.

Delete: This option gives you the ability to delete one or more documents at one time, unless those documents are owned by another person in the Transaction Room or are part of a DocuSign envelope. We will provide you with alerts if deleting documents aren’t available. Once a document is deleted from a Transaction Room, it is not recoverable. Be careful!

Log in to your DTR account and give these bulk actions a try. It may help you manage your documents in a more efficient manner.

Let us know your experience in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more Tips for Real Estate.

Brent Boyens