As much as you can observe the build up to DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014, we wanted to give you the opinion of someone right in the thick of it. I briefly caught up with an event ambassador to get a true perspective of the crowd and to see the conference through their eyes.

The mood of the general crowd really is one big happy family. I’ve seen lots of meeting and greeting with handshakes and hugs aplenty. There are plenty of suits but the mood is not stuffy or corporate. Everyone’s a more relaxed with lots of smiles.

I’ve noted a gradual build-up of people throughout the day and there was quite a rush on earlier for the advisory council meetings this afternoon. As the crowd builds, so does the atmosphere.

As an independent contractor for different events, there’s no doubt that this event has a great tone and ambience. I’ve worked at many events over the years, so how does this compare? At some conferences I have noted people are much tenser. Some events focus so much on education that attendees can look like their brains are about to explode which I don’t think is the most effective! DocuSign MOMENTUM has a good balance so everyone can enjoy it while learning at the same time.

At DocuSign MOMENTUM I know everyone will know their way around by the last day on Thursday but it can be a little bit of a maze while attendees get to know the lay of the land. I’d like to continue to encourage attendees to ask for directions and in fact, ask anything else they want to know. We’re here to help.

If you have any questions during your time at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014 just look out for the ambassadors dressed in blue DocuSign t-shirts and ask away!