Contributed by Allison Isett, Marketing Consultant to eOriginal 

In the past security alarm companies were uncomfortable about the compliance and security around handling high-value security alarm agreements in a fully digital environment, but today Digital Transformations are catching like wild fire in the Security Alarm Industry. The intense security and critical compliance features now offered in digital transactions solutions like DocuSign and eOriginal's joint solution, has given Top Security Alarm companies the confidence to adopt and apply completely digital transactions to their sales process. Here are three digital features they are currently using to energize and streamline sales:

  1. Simplified the Sales Process and Increased Revenue Utilizing eSignatures

One of DocuSign’s and eOriginal’s joint Security Alarm clients was looking for a more efficient procedure to process customer agreements and financial documents needing multiple signatures, since traditional means of shipping documents was a slow and costly process with documents often returned with missing or incomplete information.  Since adopting the joint digital transaction solution, this client has reduced printing fees, decreased errors from missing signatures and cut mail costs in half.


  1. Expedite the Funding Process with Transferable Records Management:

    Transfer of Location of Electronic Contracts (TOLEC), is a feature within eOriginal’s eAsset® Management solution currently allows two major security alarm companies to bundle consumer alarm agreements electronically and electronically transfer them from their electronic vault to their funding source’s vault. Allowing them to cut funding time from weeks to literally hours. TOLEC allows vault-to-vault transfer of electronically signed documents. The ANSI X.9 TOLEC standard was developed to provide an automated, verifiable process to migrate documents between two electronic repositories, and gives digital confidence to those companies and banks that have adopted digital transactions.


  1. Improved Customer Service with a Smooth Contracting Process

NorthStar Alarm has reported an increase in customer satisfaction and contract renewals because of the simplified digital contracting process. Signing digitally, and instantly receiving digital contracts with an in person sales meeting, has skyrocketed Northstar’s image with clients and helped at attracting new customers. 

DocuSign and eOriginal have combined the best of their technology to offer a great digital solution to the Security Alarm Industry. They are dedicated to meeting and exceeding compliance standards and continue to help Security Alarm companies make a digital footprint in their industry.

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