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Three Steps to Productivity with DocuSign Chrome Extension

Why shouldn’t your signing experience be as easy as ‘Googling’ during the holiday season?

With the new DocuSign Chrome Extension, cheer is in the air. Save the holiday stress for other occasions, not work by streamlining all your signing and sending needs all from your desktop, Gmail and Dropbox! We’re connecting our platforms to help you get from point A to point B in a just a matter of clicks.

The DocuSign Chrome Extension turns your Chrome browser into a powerful signing tool, helping you finish transactions and documents faster than ever. Simply install the DocuSign for Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once done, you’ll get instant access to DocuSign from your favorite business hot spots.

Here are three ways to use Extensions to keep you ahead of the game:

Right from my Desktop – Your browsers are for (last minute) holiday shopping, so let your desktop take care of ‘work’ work.  Take action on your important documents right from your desktop. Instant document status, reminders and templates are available whenever you need them. 


With Gmail Attachments – Hover over an attachment to quickly sign documents without ever leaving your inbox. You can also add tags to quickly guide signers so requesting signatures is a cinch – like having your boss DocuSign your absence request (for Tahiti). 


Directly from Dropbox – Right click on a document in Dropbox to quickly sign the document and/or request signatures from others without ever leaving the Dropbox app. Now, orchestrating signatures for holiday rentals via Dropbox adds to the joy of the season instead of ‘scrooging’ it away. 

DocuSign’s goal is simple – to help you sign documents and get signatures from others. We’re constantly finding new ways to help you get transactions done. With the DocuSign Chrome Extension, you’re three steps closer to signing and sending documents from wherever you’re working. At the heart of this reinvention are the small businesses and large enterprises worldwide that rely on Google products like Gmail, Drive, Android, and Chrome to both run and rock their businesses.

But here’s the best news yet: the DocuSign Chrome Extension doesn’t stop at Gmail and Dropbox. When you install the app and sign up you will receive a FREE DocuSign account that you can access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. In other words, you’ll be able to get work done in minutes from wherever you are over the holidays, entirely for free.

With your free DocuSign account, you get unlimited signing and 3 free signature requests

To learn more about how to use DocuSign Chrome Extension, check out the following integration resource guides:

Link to Desktop Panel: https://www.docusign.com/support/connectors/article/docusign-desktop-panel


Link to Gmail:



Link to Dropbox:



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  1. So if all I want to do is be able to sign documents relating to on-line study because the company does not accept faxes what do I do? – besides wade through advertising material.

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