Over the past few years, DocuSign has accrued a group of amazing partners who have not only built integrations with our APIs, but have set an example for future companies by going digital in their professional cases.

As part of our MOMENTUM’16 blog series, we sat down with Nuno Sanches e Silva, DocuSign’s Senior Partner Marketing Manager. Nuno explains why the Partner Summit this year is unique and how it helps partners not only network, but further understand different use cases in other departments. Here, he gives us a peek into how the Partner Summit at MOMENTUM’16 is being built out.

Hi Nuno. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi there. Thanks for having me! Well for starters, I come from a background in management consulting. In fact, I was in consulting for ten years before DocuSign. Before moving back to the U.S., I lived in a couple of different places ranging from my home country Portugal to Brasil, Netherlands and a couple other places. By the time I returned to the States, I decided that I wanted to move to the tech industry, so I began looking for a company that I felt “stuck out of the crowd”. I wanted to work somewhere that made sense to me, that was interesting, and that was overall innovative. DocuSign really resonated– especially because of all the struggles I had getting things signed abroad.

Getting things signed abroad. That’s interesting! Could you elaborate a little on that?

No problem — for example, I had to move money between banks from Brazil. In regards to exchanging currencies across borders, there are numerous steps: (1) You have to be there in person and in the branch you originally created the account, (2) The documents are required to be signed the same day you create the FER. Now imagine where I was, living in the United States, trying to coordinate travel while busy at work simply to have money transferred over in my own account. In particular, the elongated process was incredibly inconvenient and inefficient. So when I learned about DocuSign, I thought to myself, “I could’ve used DocuSign without all these issues.” Upon further research, I noticed  there was an opportunity in Partner Marketing within this space, so I took it. I thought to myself, not only would I be able to participate in different areas of the company, but I’d be able to work with partners outside the company — which is something I’m pretty passionate about.  


Wow. That passion is something we all strive for when looking for work. Now about this Partner Summit, would you tell us a little bit more about it? We hear about it. We see pics. But what does it mean? What happens?

Haha! Of course, happy to share.The Partner Summit is a half day event occurring just before the official MOMENTUM’16 reception. MOMENTUM’16 will kick off the next day.

With MOMENTUM’16 we are celebrating our customers and rejoicing all the great integrations that we are building together. With the Partner Summit specifically, we are celebrating our partners and all the great things we are doing together. Working with partners is a very important part of DocuSign’s success because they are the role models for the rest of the world to start their digital transformation. And the way we establish the best solutions for customers? It’s by working together with partners. This Partner Summit is a place where we are able to look back and learn what we’ve achieved together.

In addition to celebrating, we want our partners to get out of the Partner Summit armed with the right tools and resources to help them grow their business. We are working hard to make sure we put together the right sessions and the right content to achieve that.

This event will provide our partners with the chance to hear directly from DocuSign — whether it be from executives, the developer team, DocuSign University, etc. It’s also a great opportunity to get partners and people together to network, share successes, learn, and grow from one another.

Sounds ideal to me. And do the partners also get full access to MOMENTUM’16?

Great question. The Partner Summit is an exclusive event for partners — invite only sort of deal — and is in essence an exclusive part of MOMENTUM’16 we are honored to host. When partners register to Partner Summit, they are basically registering to both MOMENTUM and Partner Summit.

Okay, gotcha. So let’s say I’m part of company SuperTech and I sign up for the Partner Summit. What is the benefit for me to go to the Partner Summit in addition to MOMENTUM?

Well first of all, welcome to the Partner Summit SuperTech! All partners will have access to sessions where they’ll be the first to hear the news of how DocuSign is working with partners. They’ll also get a sneak preview of what’s going to happen at MOMENTUM’16 and learn more about what’s going on in the DocuSign partner world. We’ll be sharing best practices, partner resources, and be providing value to the customers as we work together. What’s particularly interesting is that partners will have an opportunity to hear from peers. Partners will share their stories and use cases– learning from each other. We will also have a very special Q&A.

And what types of partners will be attending MOMENTUM’16?

All types of partners are welcome! Whether you are an ISV, a systems integrator, are seller, or any other type of partner, you’ll be getting value from attending. We also want to have all different types of roles represented. In terms of the content we’ll provide during the session — it will be from speaking about DocuSign APIs– technical — to what kind of marketing we have available. It will touch upon a wide variety of points a partner should know, and ultimately, show how to make their collaboration with DocuSign as successful as possible.

Great. Thanks Nuno. So last year, the partner networking event, along with the networking reception afterwards was a big hit. What should we expect for this year?

Oh we’ll be bringing the reception back. As you’re enjoying your beverages, you’ll have access to something we call the “Partner Pods” which will highlight different areas of DocuSign that are of interest to partners. It’s basically a place you can explore and meet with real DocuSign University people, the Dev Center, the different partner programs, etc. — all of whom are there to chat one-on-one with partners about whatever they’d like to discuss.

Sounds fun! So, for our last question, what are the biggest takeaways partners can expect by attending the Partner Summit?

Very important! First and foremost, the resources that are available and how they can leverage them to bolster their success. In short: Getting out of there, knowing what’s available, and how to get it. The second huge takeaway would be the opportunity to learn from DocuSign folks and other partners. Partners will come out of the summit with new ideas and new visions that they can apply to their specific cases. Last but not least, being a big believer in the power of building personal relationships, meeting and staying connected with  folks from Docusign and other partners will certainly be a great thing coming out of the Partner Summit.

Great summary. Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Nuno!

Thanks for having me!

If you are a Partner and haven’t registered for the Partner Summit yet, check it out here: http://esign.docusign.com/Momentum_Partner_Summit

Looking forward to meeting you there!