This week in Barcelona Spain, the Office 365 team announced several new ways for developers to tap into the power of the Office 365 platform to offer more value and tools to customers. The announcements were revealed at Microsoft's TechEd Europe conference, and we are honored to be included in the excitement as a launch partner.
DocuSign and Microsoft announced a long-term, strategic partnership to bring DocuSign's industry-leading eSignature and DTM solutions to the more than 1 billion Office users around the globe. Since then, the DocuSign team has been working hand-in-hand with the Office 365 team to build apps on the Office 365 platform that deliver customers a seamless and delightful experience. With yesterday's announcement, Microsoft highlighted DocuSign as one of the leading and first ISV partners to deliver apps built using these new tools.
The announcements included:

  • General availability of Office 365 APIs for mail, files, calendar and contacts
  • New mobile SDKs for native app development 
  • Visibility for developers' apps through the new Office 365 app launcher 

DocuSign's apps for Office 365 and DocuSign for iOS are on display here at Barcelona as an example of the value these tools create for developers and Office 365 users alike. Office 365 customers can access DocuSign's industry-leading eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solution directly within Word, Outlook and SharePoint, as well as from the new Office 365 App Launcher and an iOS powered device. DocuSign's apps take advantage of many of the API's available from Office 365, including integration with Azure Active Directory that enables users to pull contact information from their Azure Active Directory, as well as the ability to sign into DocuSign using Office 365 credentials. Other APIs enable users to select files from OneDrive to be DocuSigned and completed documents to be returned to OneDrive.

With these new features, Office 365 and DocuSign users will enjoy a more seamless and connected experience that enables them to be more productive and transact faster and more securely than ever before.

Check out the blog ( from the Office 365 team, and download the DocuSign for Office 365 apps from the Office store ( to get started today for free.