The insurance market veers on the precipice of a grand refresh. As businesses across industries look to suit the digital customer, the insurance industry juggles multiple opportunities to re-energize their strategies and solutions.

This year, we’ve defined the modern customer – digital, mobile and interactive – and many industries steadily enacted measurable steps to match their needs. But in my daily interactions with insurance carriers and agents, I hear a mix of concerns that stymie the transition to the modern face of Insurance.

A Connected Customer Base – Today’s connected customer has their choice of insurance vendors. Likewise, independent insurance agents are competing with one another to stand out among peers to grow their business. Why should un-synced and paper-chained processes hold either back from securing their respective livelihoods?


Concerns over Compliance – In this era of transparency, agents and carriers need definitive answers over how digital processes mitigate risk to drive greater compliance to industry and government regulations.


Overwhelming Demand – In light of offering superior customer service, insurance agents and carriers are in need of a clear solution to communicate their value to their customers.

As passionate as I am about the Insurance industry, these challenges inspire me to thoroughly illustrate how to keep the industry vibrantly modern. In scouring for game changing advice, I’ve kept an open ear to the pulse of the industry.

A Space to Share and Grow

This series serves a space for an open conversation that inspires insurance agents and carriers to achieve the very best. Each blog offers advice on how to holistically grow your business, no matter its size. But as this is a community effort, I welcome your voice and point of view to nudge the conversation—and growth deeper. The end game is to collectively breathe fresh oxygen into the insurance industry’s cells to create better client, broker and agent experiences while driving business results.

I look forward to diving into the conversation!

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Marc Carlson is Vice President of Enterprise Vertical Markets at DocuSign. Connect with him on LinkedIn