Picture this: You’re looking to open a big account. Problem is, your client is across the state, your accountant is in another country, and your corporate counsel varies between continents. There are a lot of working parts to a smoothly-executed agreement — especially when everyone is on the move and working internationally.

So, what can you do?

While getting everyone in the same physical room is an impossibility, the new DocuSign Transaction Rooms enables everyone to collaborate in the same digital room.

With the new DocuSign Transaction Rooms, you can create your own secure digital space for your clients and your team to coordinate documents, collect signatures, and converse all in one place — so you can come to an agreement without hassle. From inviting people to review and comment on agreements and transactions, to accessing project history at a glance, to controlling who sees what, thus maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information, DocuSign Transaction Rooms is the perfect virtual meeting space for both financial services and real estate.

A great example for people in financial services using DocuSign Transactions Rooms is creating different rooms for different type of agreements: Perhaps one room is for single-party aScreen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.41.39 PMgreements, and another for multiple-party agreements (such as NDA, Power of Purchase, etc.) 

Looking for other ways to use DocuSign Transaction Rooms? Start with these three: 

Create unique folders to onboard clients and partners

Sort clients by “Opened a New Account” versus “Nurture 1” etc.

Organize signed agreements by “closed” or “pending”

Plus: Because rooms integrates seamlessly with DocuSign’s signature, you can get approvals on documents quickly. And simplify your client’s experience at the same time.

Whether your team is here, there, or everywhere, Rooms brings everyone together to conduct business quickly and easily — without the paperwork.

Want to give it a try?