For digital marketers, it’s all about telling stories that matter. For Brad Brooks, DocuSign’s new Chief Marketing Officer, the stories that count for readers are the ones that make a difference in their lives. 

 Brooks is a multifaceted senior leader that joined DocuSign following more than 25 years leading multiple functions within enterprise and consumer technology companies. He most recently served as CMO and SVP of Global Marketing at Juniper Networks. Previously, Brad led product management and marketing with P&L responsibility as Corporate Vice President for Microsoft ‘s multi-billion dollar Windows Consumer Business. Prior to Microsoft, Brad worked at Enron and AT&T Lucent Technologies. Brad earned his B.S. from California State University and his Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Management.

In the first of a two-part series, Brad explains why going fully digital revolutionizes the way we do business and how digital story telling communicates these universal advantages.

His ultimate message is simple: digital business and digital marketing is all about engagement. If you’re not authentically engaging with prospects and customers, then you’ve missed the boat.

From a story-telling perspective, what inspires you about Cloud and Digital Businesses?

While it may sound cliché, the cloud, particularly the technology around it, is society’s game-changer. Over the last couple decades, we’ve had technologies that revolutionized business as we know it – PC and mobile have allowed people to make connections with anybody wherever they might be in the world.

The playing field is also leveled globally. If you’re starting up a payment service in Kenya, you can diffuse the data and information to service providers and customers around the world in minutes. The knowledge within the Cloud and applications that use the Cloud can spread to anyone, anywhere instantly.

The ability to give that intelligence and technology to any individual anywhere in the world and contribute via the Cloud collectively drives innovation forward from anywhere at an accelerating rate. It’s a fun space to be in and I couldn’t imagine a better place for technology other than a Cloud-related business.

Why DocuSign?

DocuSign plays a large part of eliminating the physical elements in our business and personal lives that have slowed us down (physical paper) by moving them into the Cloud. DocuSign is changing the way business is fundamentally done, not only by accelerating transactions, increasing security and compliance and decreasing cost, but most important by making organizations of every size easier to do business with. DocuSigning opens up whole new channels of business, as well as enables new businesses based on the DocuSign platform.

In the Cloud, opportunity is infinite for everyone.

When you think that we’re only touching maybe two billion of the globe’s seven billion people with Cloud technologies, the change will be immense, but it heightens the call for secured transactions and personal information stored safely in the Cloud.

Overall seamless security is what will spread Cloud based platforms, like DocuSign, to deeper adoption around the world.

How should content marketing be leveraged to explore the disruptive tech trends permeating key industries and society as a whole?

One of the most revolutionary things that the Cloud has brought to the whole function of marketing is the ability to tell stories to individuals based on what they see as relevant, important and interesting. The digital delivery system ushered in a relationship with consumers where we create and target relevant content in the medium they want and at the right moment they need it.

That’s what’s more disruptive to marketing. The reality now is that with modern content marketing, coupled with digital delivery and available user information, we can create experiences that really communicate product value, served and messaged at a personalized level.

When you shift focus to tailoring content for consumer wants, consumers no longer perceive campaigns and the like as ‘marketing’ or ‘advertising.’ They instead see information that is helping them be more productive and have more effective business interactions. That’s where our work as marketers becomes truly powerful.

 What are your must-have apps? 

First and foremost is Waze! An absolute lifesaver, it’s better than any on-board navigation system in your car since it pulls in the wisdom of the crowds on how to navigate through traffic. This has been a game changer in terms of my driving experience.

Other favorite apps include Flipboard for news aggregation as it really personalizes my morning newspaper. 

A classic must is Twitter:  it’s the way I discover and keep tabs on trends in the marketplace.

And, of course, I would be remiss as the head marketer at DocuSign if I didn’t mention the DocuSign App. It’s built natively in iOS, Android and Windows, and available free within the respective app stores. DocuSign will save you time and money by eliminating paper – printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting – from your daily routine.

Don’t miss next week where Brad unveils the secrets to engaging with customers and the marketing trends that will dominate 2015.

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