We’re looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s ARLA Conference for the fourth consecutive year. It’s always an action-packed day where we like to catch up with existing customers, and also demonstrate the case for digital transformation within potential new letting agencies.

As a property professional, you need a complete solution for managing your transactions and a way for you and your team to stay on top of a never-ending flow of documents. Until recently, delivering the right documents to the right parties and getting them to sign everything correctly and on time has been a tedious, time-consuming, and potentially error-filled process.

To solve this problem, many agencies are moving toward a paperless office. Here are the main reasons why:

•    Save money – by eliminating the costs associated with printing, posting and driving to sign documents

•    Increase efficiency – by reducing the time it takes to prepare and execute a contract, so you can spend more time helping clients and closing deals, and less time managing paperwork

•    Build client loyalty – by completing documents electronically it provides a faster, more enjoyable experience for your customers

•    Improve your quality of life – by being able to sign documents from anywhere, anytime and on any device

•    Gain greater control of your business – by getting better visibility over every aspect of transactions—who sees which document, when they see it, and who can sign

•    Eliminate document errors & related costs – by ensuring all documents are complete, correct, and signed in the right place

We’ll be giving away a free eBook that covers these points in greater detail to all those that stop by the booth at the ARLA 2015 Conference. So stop booth 48 to make the first step towards a paperless office!