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Knowledge Market – Funding and Chargeback Models

Being clear internally around the cost of delivering any IT service is a great communication practice – and it’s good for the business. We’ve seen that financial transparency plays a crucial role in our customers’…
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Knowledge Market – Back to Basics

Agreements are everywhere. From sales contracts and job offers, to purchase orders and beyond –  a modern, digital system of agreement enables businesses to deliver value faster to customers, partners and employees. Every company has…
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Knowledge Market – Become a NIGO Ninja Part II

As we learned in Part I of this blog/whitepaper series, “NIGO” errors – or “not-in-good-order” – can creep into a workflow in the Prepare phase of an agreement in places ranging from incorrect data entry…
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Knowledge Market – Become a NIGO Ninja Part I

Perhaps the easiest way to think about “NIGO” – or “not-in-good-order” – is that it can be a “no-go” for successful completion of an envelope in your organization’s System of Agreement. That’s why you have…
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Change is Good. The DocuSign Adoption Kit Also Makes it Easy.

Want to accelerate your business by making the transition to digital? DocuSign’s Adoption Kit will help you make the leap simply and successfully.  Making the digital leap has proven, immediate benefits: increased revenue, greater efficiency, and…
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Control: You Want It, We’ve Got It

When deploying the DocuSign web application, customers large and small often ask how they can control what people are sending. Customer Success Architect Roshel Van Der Grinten explains several options in “DocuSign Web Application Deployment: Maximum Control of the Sending Process”.

Using Net Promoter Score to Retain Customers and Grow

Think of a time when you’ve gone to a store and the experience you received didn’t meet your expectations.  Now think of a different time where you were just “wowed!”  The range from disappointment to…
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