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A Merry Member Experience: The Digital Imperative for Health Plans

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the SVP of member experience at a leading health insurance carrier and candidly shared my frustration with the sundry “This is Not a Bill” communications that all…
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Capitalizing on the Top 5 Med Tech Trends

Is your organization struggling to stay on top of regulatory issues, access funding, or accelerate new product development? If so, you are not alone. A recent survey of senior medical device executives considered these to…
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Customer Spotlight: HealthTrust Europe Take Customer Purchasing Completely Digital with DocuSign

‘It’s become so useful to us now, we wouldn’t have a business without DocuSign.’ says John Lynch, Systems Implementation Manager, at HealthTrust Europe who has only had DocuSign for little under a year now. However, the…
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BAAs and Beyond: Meeting the September 22 HIPAA Deadline

An interview with David Schoolcraft, Partner & Health Law Group Chair at Ogden Murphy Wallace  Next Monday, Covered Entities and Business Associates are required to complete renewed Business Associate Agreements (BAA) to comply with more…
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Fuel the Digital Revolution in Life Sciences with SAFE-BioPharma

When we as consumers think about the critical medicines and treatments developed by life sciences organizations, we often don’t consider the many data and approval processes inherent in the research and commercialization process. The harsh…
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3 Big Patient Trends Healthcare Providers Should Know

Contributed by Nick Sorensen, Chief Operations Officer at American Healthcare Lending  A lot has been said about the challenges we are collectively facing as our entire healthcare system experiences a dramatic shift on a number…
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Don’t Risk Your Health (Data) with Paper

Walk into your doctor’s office and you’ll likely witness the trappings of those last holdouts of the digital revolution.  As you enter, you will be dazzled by the patchwork curtain of color-coded manila folders behind…
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American HealthCare Lending Leading The Way In Keeping Business Digital

Contributed article by:Nick Sorensen, Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer at American HealthCare Lending American HealthCare Lending, a leading provider of patient financing services nationwide, talks about the significant benefits that have come from the implementation of DocuSign’s leading eSignature…
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An Informed System

Controversial and divisive, our healthcare system currently churns through momentous change.  In spite of the evolving governmental measures, I draw your attention to the shift towards wellness-based medicine. Instead of a system that measures value…
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