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Amidst industry disruption, banking executives prepare for a digital future

By Nisha Pattan, Product Marketing Director Digital transformation is not just a new trend in banking—it’s a necessity. And the clock is ticking. A recent Gartner report predicted that digitization will render most traditional financial…
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DocuSign Powers the Bank of the Future

In our latest video, we highlight how DocuSign can streamline a variety of business processes for the banking industry. By standardizing on DocuSign for electronic signature, banks can eliminate a variety of paper-based processes and…
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Learning to Love the End User: Digital Transformation and the Path of Least Resistance

When planning your digital transformation, make sure to design your solutions in a way that makes your users’ lives easier. Otherwise, they will find the path of least resistance, regardless of your best laid risk…
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What’s Turning Financial Services Inside-Out?

In the world of banking, historically change has been driven by regulation and large, traditional, monolithic banks. Yet, since the recent financial crisis, consumers are demanding more from the organisations they entrust with their hard…
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Digital Banking Means Making It Easy For Your Customers

A friend of mine recently got married and was telling me about his efforts to add his new bride added to his bank accounts and combine their individual accounts into one.  He told me that…
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3 Reasons Shopping Will be Paper Free

It’s a classic business image – drowning in paper. But before we conjure up images worthy of an Office Space reboot, we’ve got to digest the reality that drowning in paper extends beyond business. Take…
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100% Digital = 100% Empowered Financial Institutions

By upgrading to digital business platforms, financial institutions are finding that they can accelerate revenues while driving down costs, all while delighting their Customers and Members by allowing them to execute business processes in real…
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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!

An Interview conducted by Emily Miller, Marketing Account Manager – Products & Services at Allied Solutions, LLC.  On August 4, 2014 Pentagon Federal Credit Union, the third largest credit union in the United States, announced its…
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