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DocuSign welcomes team and tech from Appuri

A large part of my day-to-day role as Senior Vice President of Engineering at DocuSign, involves identifying the best approach to tackling the hard problems in technology – always in a way that makes us…
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Sign It and Celebrate: A Nod to John Hancock

What’s a signature line, but a blank space to make your statement so loud and clear that it's always a surprise.  After all, we’re talking about John Hancock and how he slashed his mark into Declaration…
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3 Ways to Accelerate Growth with Electronic Signatures

Following on from the webinar I ran this week on accelerating business growth, I’ve outlined some key takeaways below that illustrate the ways in which electronic signature can facilitate growth:   1. Accelerate contracts and approvals …
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Signature City Tour EMEA… The Highlights So Far

  The DocuSign Signature City Tour recently wrapped up its journey of the UK with great aplomb. Having set off on the (8.5 hour) first-leg drive from our London office to The Balmoral Hotel in…
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From Candle to Light-Bulb: Making Technology Disruptive

Those managing Digital Transformation programs should remember that the light-bulb was not invented by trying to improve the candle. Real progress involves re-thinking how business is done rather than simply using new technology to replicate…
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How HR Departments are Using Electronic Signatures

During the course of employment at any organisation, employees are regularly asked to sign and fill out internal documentation. This begins with the job offer (signing the employment contract) and continues throughout employment whether it IT policies, security…
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Transacting In The Cloud: What’s Holding You Back?

If you regularly work with contracts, the chances are you routinely do business on the basis of assumptions. There is a better way.   There is a well-published story of how David Geffen, the multimillionaire…
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