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DocuSign welcomes team and tech from Appuri

A large part of my day-to-day role as Senior Vice President of Engineering at DocuSign, involves identifying the best approach to tackling the hard problems in technology – always in a way that makes us…
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BoxWorks 2017: Come visit us at Booth 6

We’re just a couple weeks away from BoxWorks 2017. This conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the tech industry to brainstorm and share insights on the future of work. It’s no secret…
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Tips for Real Estate: It’s All in the (Configurable) Details

If you are a DocuSign Transaction Rooms: Broker Edition user and have looked at our Transaction Room Details tab recently, you may have noticed that we’ve added a lot. These additions include a Contact Information…
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Tips for Real Estate: Give Your Transaction Rooms More Than an Address, Give Them a Name

Many customers have asked in the past, “What happens if we want to create a Transaction Room for our clients, but they haven’t chosen a property yet?” I would always suggest for the user to…
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Tips for Real Estate: Splitting PDF’s with Fewer Clicks

If you frequently split PDFs in Transaction Rooms, I have great news for you–splitting just got easier! With our new multiple select capability, you can now easily split large files without clicking on every single…
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Tips for Real Estate: 3 Ways to Utilize the Integration between zipForm® and DocuSign Transaction Rooms

The last year brought some extensive improvements to the integration between zipForm® and DocuSign Transaction Rooms (DTR), including full form editing capabilities within a Transaction Room. Recently, we added the ability for users to fill…
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Tips for Real Estate: Top 5 Details to Fill Out in Your Transaction Room

When you get a new listing or your buyer finally finds the perfect house, there are a lot of details about the property you have to have at your fingertips to keep the transaction moving….
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