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The not-a-waste-of-time, “Time Wasted” Infographic.

“Lost time is never found again.” That cheery quote comes to you from the mind of Benjamin Franklin. He also said, “Time is money.” Good point, Mr. Franklin. We’ll get right to the heart of…
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“Sometimes, I’ll get asked to fax documents…I’m not sure what that means anymore.”

I love that honest comment. It’s just one of the fantastic quotes I got when I recently reached out to our Human Resources organization for insights into what is altering their world the most. I…
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What in the world is DTM? And why you should check it out.

As a relatively new hire at DocuSign, I still have the advantage of the “outsider’s perspective.” (It’s something I will try to maintain no matter how many years I’ve checked off here.) It’s with that…
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