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The 5 critical digital transformation initiatives retailers miss

By Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign According to a report by Retail Dive, 75 percent of U.S. retailers say the need for digital transformation has increased since 2016. Yet, that need doesn’t always…
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8 Tips for Going Paperless In Your Small Business

8 Tips for Going Paperless In Your Small Business Ray Coleman is a small business owner who writes about money management, green living, and sustainability. One of the great benefits of the modern age is…
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Digital Transformation in Government: DocuSign for Federal Agencies

As federal agencies continue to identify ways to accelerate mission delivery, they’re increasingly looking at ways to reduce their paper-based processes. However, reducing paper is only one part of the equation. Choosing the right solution…
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Practical tools to help you plan and execute your digital transformation

One thing we’ve been hearing from customers is that they want help accelerating use of their DocuSign solutions.  That’s initially why we created the Knowledge Market, a site dedicated to harnessing the best practices demonstrated…
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3 Reasons to Take Your Business Digital

All businesses, from single person start-ups to global enterprises, are being forced to reconsider their current strategy in light of a broadening digital footprint. With our personal and working lives being governed by technology, customers…
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The Answer is a Number: Assessing the Value of your Cloud Solutions

Organisations know that they are losing money on un-adopted technology. Getting ‘shelfware’ off the books is often viewed as a minor victory, but what of the value that could, and should have been delivered by…
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Learning to Love the End User: Digital Transformation and the Path of Least Resistance

When planning your digital transformation, make sure to design your solutions in a way that makes your users’ lives easier. Otherwise, they will find the path of least resistance, regardless of your best laid risk…
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3 Digital Transformation Scenarios with Microsoft Office 365 and DocuSign

  Guest post by Tom van Grimbergen, SharePoint & Office 365 Consultant at Sparked.     About digital transformation Digital transformation refers to how digital advancements are used to change an organisation. Digital transformation focuses on various aspects…
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From Candle to Light-Bulb: Making Technology Disruptive

Those managing Digital Transformation programs should remember that the light-bulb was not invented by trying to improve the candle. Real progress involves re-thinking how business is done rather than simply using new technology to replicate…
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