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Developer Spotlight – Justin Moore, Unchained Capital

Justin Moore has been working as a scientist and engineer since 2008 and has experience working in a variety of languages and tech stacks. Justin is a former Astrophysics Ph.D. candidate now working on both…
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Developer Spotlight: Bobby Alcorn, Economic Strategist

Bobby Alcorn began his coding career as a basic HTML developer, creating and building websites with nothing more than Notepad. As his passion for coding grew, so did his skillset, and he developed into a…
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Developer Spotlight: Shankara Subramaniam, NFN Labs/SlashDr

Shankara Subramaniam began his career as a student of chartered accountancy in his native India. However, he quickly fell in love with programming and learned from open-source projects to develop his programming skills. Shankara has…
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Developer Spotlight: Ting Ting Huang

Ting Ting Huang is a junior studying Business Information Management at the University of California, Irvine. Outside of her academics and internship, she is a passionate developer who values giving back to the community. Whether…
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