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Top 6 Benefits of Digital Contracts for Retailers

By Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager Retail is a business of buying and selling, which makes contracts foundational to how retailers do business. In fact, every aspect of the retail business involves contracts: HR,…
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Why Digital Contracts Are a Must-Have for Retailers During a Trade War

By Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager Geopolitical instability is normal for retailers. Every week seems to bring a new chapter in the trade war or another isolationist policy that impacts the retail supply chain….
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5 Low-risk Ways to Modernize Your Customer Experience

By Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager In retail today, customer experience is everything. Customers expect fast, convenient, technology-based experiences, but delivering that can be hard. According to Gartner, only 22% of retailers think they’re…
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The rise of the enterprise-wide CLM solution

Historically, contract lifecycle management (CLM) vendors have provided narrow solutions to support one of two sides of a business: the first is for procurement teams that manage contracts with suppliers and are typically integrated with…
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The 5 critical digital transformation initiatives retailers miss

By Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign According to a report by Retail Dive, 75 percent of U.S. retailers say the need for digital transformation has increased since 2016. Yet, that need doesn’t always…
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How DocuSign & Salesforce can accelerate quote to contract

From the initial NDA through quote generation and negotiation to the final sales contract, the B2B sales process is more complex and competitive than ever. There are larger buying teams with greater buying power, and…
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Top Trends for Contract Management in 2020

Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis. As organizations look to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, contract management has shifted from a back-office conversation to a way of gaining…
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5 Strategies for CCPA and Data Privacy Compliance

By Hal Marcus, Director, Product Marketing, DocuSign Fast on the heels of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) is set to go into effect on January 1, 2020….
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