Continuing our long tradition of partnering with socially conscious and community minded vendors, Docusign is proud to announce that we have chosen Social Imprints as our exclusive promotional products provider.

We had two goals. Streamline the process of ordering swag and make it easier for DocuSign employees to represent the brand. Mission accomplished, as the DocuSign Swag Shop is now open for business.

The added bonus was finding a vendor who shares DocuSign’s commitment to giving back. The partnership is an exciting one for DocuSign, as we continue to pursue the mission established by DocuSign IMPACT. Amy Skeeter-Behrens, Executive Director of DocuSign IMPACT, had this to say about the new relationship:

“Working with a social enterprise like Social Imprints is an extension of our DocuSign IMPACT program, in which we look to positively impact communities through our people, our product, and our business.”

Kevin McCracken, Co-Founder of Social Imprints, expressed his excitement at a recent site tour event held at Social Imprint’s office/warehouse.

“We are very excited to be working with DocuSign on branded merchandise. The company represents the best in both technology and corporate social responsibility. By choosing Social Imprints as a partner, DocuSign takes this commitment a step further, and chooses to spend their money with a Social Enterprise, helping to make a difference right here in San Francisco!”

Going forward, our two companies will work together to build the DocuSign brand with purpose.

More about Social Impact:

San Francisco-based, Social Imprints, who’s social mission is to provide higher paying professional employment, job training and hope to at-risk adults. At least 80% of their workforce are formerly incarcerated, recovering addicts, low income, veterans or under-represented minorities.

Social Imprints is one of the most innovative custom printers in the industry. They have been creating award-winning merchandise programs for many of Silicon Valley’s leading companies including Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Facebook since 2008.

Currently, the SI team produces some of the most creative swag in the tech industry. Working with clients like Airbnb, Lyft, Dropbox, Zenefits, Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe and more, has allowed SI to create unique and innovative branded items for well-known companies.

Along with being a full-service merchandise provider, Social Imprints provides career opportunities and a living wage to people who need a second chance. SI empowers their employees by offering them the training and experience to become true industry leaders. At least 80% of the Social Imprints workforce is from at-risk populations:

• Formerly incarcerated individuals released within 2 years
• Recovering addicts who’ve been sober at least 2+ years
• Low-income individuals who have been on and off public assistance
• Individuals with less than a high school education
• Veterans discharged within 5 years
• Under-represented minorities
• Individuals who have been unemployed for greater than 8 straight months