By Martin Schneider – CRM Evangelist at SugarCRM

Twitter – @mschneider718

While we live in a digital world, the sad truth is that for many organizations, manual processes still permeate their businesses. Even when recognized as inferior, the “jump to digital” which includes automated tools and processes is sometimes slow. This can be because of the misconception that additional costs or elongated learning curves are associated with going digital.

At SugarCRM, we made a jump to digital early on in our history. The reasons, admittedly, were more pragmatic than visionary. As a small company, yet with an accelerated global reach thanks to the open source and cloud-based nature of our software, we were growing. Fast! We were adding direct customers in remote parts of the world, and adding go-to-market partners alongside them. Simply put, manual processes around our contracts, orders, etc. was an untenable scenario.

By integrating with tools like DocuSign, we are able to not only go digital and better mange our growth, but also see other business benefits. With electronic signature capabilities, deals simply close faster. We can also speed the time to close when working with our own vendors. The speed of business today is faster than ever – and we are in lockstep with this fast pace with tools like DocuSign.

Caption: The integration of DocuSign into SugarCRM enables professionals of all types to easily execute business in a paperless, automated fashion with electronic signature. Users can create, track and manage eSigned documents right inside the CRM interface as they go about their daily tasks.

Tools like DocuSign are so invaluable in helping companies go digital, that we have even integrated DocuSign into our core product offering. Now for example, a sales representative can send product purchase orders or invoices right from the CRM system, with DocuSign functionality powering eSignature. Now, a rep’s customer does not have to print, scan, and email or fax back a signed purchase order. Studies show that DocuSign users see increased close rates in the range of 25-50%.

With DocuSign integrated with SugarCRM, sales and other professionals see not only increased closure rates – but increased overall productivity. The amount of steps eliminated by going digital with a tool like DocuSign inside the CRM means professionals can spend more time doing their jobs – and not time-consuming administrative tasks.

All told, SugarCRM has “gone digital” and believes in the power of cloud-based, automated business tools. DocuSign has helped us to go digital, and together we are helping even more organizations make the digital leap with ease and confidence.

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