Guest Post by Penny Townsend, Director of EMEA Operations, Conga

DocuSign for Salesforce customers reduce their sales cycles because of the quick turnaround times that electronic signatures enable. But that’s only one half of the equation. Think about all of the time that your sales team spends creating contracts, quotes or other documents before sending them for eSignature. Does it take an hour to copy and paste data from multiple records in Salesforce into a document and format it to look correct – or more? How much time do managers waste trying to ensure their salespeople craft accurate and well-written proposals? How much time does the CFO or legal team spend reviewing the signed contract to make sure all of the correct terms were included? What if you could deliver that contract or quote to your customer for eSignature in less than a minute, while also ensuring that it includes all of correct information and legal terms?

That’s where Conga Composer comes in; Composer merges data from Salesforce to create sophisticated contracts, quotes, proposals, invoices, receipts, work orders, employee policy documents and more. When integrated with DocuSign for Salesforce, it creates a seamless solution that automatically merges a document, creates a DocuSign Envelope and sends it to recipients in the correct order.

Here are the top four ways an integrated DocuSign/Conga Composer solution helps customers close business faster, eliminate costly errors and increase productivity:

  1. Create documents with any data in Salesforce – Conga Composer can retrieve data from any standard or custom object and merge it into a document. Want to create a quote from an Opportunity that displays each product line item, grouped by product family? Need data from multiple objects to be included on a single document? No problem.
  2. Include conditional content based on your business rules – Do you offer a special discount on proposals for services over a certain contract value? Does your contract have different terms and conditions based on the products sold or where the customer is located? Conga Composer can conditionally display content based on your business rules.
  3. Merge complex content into your template – Images, rich text, watermarks? Composer has you covered.
  4. Composer can automate documents that don’t require signature too – In addition to Word documents, Conga Composer can generate PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, HTML email and PDF forms. Account plans, executive briefs, internal reports, shipping documents – you name it, we can help you create it with the click of a button.

Click here to learn more about the Conga Composer integration with DocuSign for Salesforce.

Conga is headed to DocuSign MOMENTUM EMEA 2014 in London on June 4th. Pop along to our stand to meet our EMEA team and learn more about generating customised documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce.

About the Author

Penny Townsend is the Director of EMEA Operations for Conga and is responsible for new business and customer success efforts in the region.  She is also the fearless leader of the Conganeers in the company’s UK office. Penny lives in Leighton Buzzard with her husband and daughter.