For many of us, there was a time before iPhones. The hashtag was the pound symbol. The library was our source for knowledge. (Or, for us particularly cutting edge folks – Encarta.)

As teenagers, our top secret phone conversations could only be sequestered as far as the phone cord could reach. Which, alas, was rarely out of earshot of our parents.

College students today have grown up in the digital age. This tech-savvy cohort spent their childhoods tapping on tablets and texting their friends. While no one wants their vacation to be interrupted by paperwork — Gen Z is particularly unfamiliar with the plight of faxing, printing, and all other paper-based inefficiencies.

Thankfully, with DocuSign, any work or school-related tasks that manage to squirm into Spring Break can be dealt with swiftly and securely — without ever needing to leave one’s beach chair or — for us staycationers — couch.

In fact, DocuSign is proud to help the UC and Cal State university system, and other select colleges cut costs and increase efficiency by offering students complimentary DocuSign accounts. Students interested in claiming their free DocuSign Account please click here.

Here are a few examples of how living in the digital age makes for a better Spring Break.

Student loan paperwork: Need to lock down your financial aid before Spring Quarter begins? Not a problem. Instead of waiting with baited breath for your response to come in the mail, why not DocuSign a digital application and receive a faster response?

Lab waiver: Studying chemistry? (Or simply getting in your science prereqs?) Get that lab waiver in on time so you won’t feel left out while the rest of the class is experimenting with chemical reactions.

Applying for your major: Is your greatest fear that quarter after quarter of indecision will leave you resigned to major in Underwater Basket Weaving?

Fear not — while the power of eSignature cannot determine whether your destiny lies in BioChem or Political Science, it can most certainly make the application less stressful and time-consuming.

Study abroad application: While Spring Break is all well and good — it’s dwarfed by the ultimate work/vacation hybrid: Studying abroad. Whether you’re headed to Prague, Tokyo, or <insert your dream destination here> you can assure you get the ball rolling that much more quickly by submitting your application digitally.

While these are just a few ideas on how to ensure your Spring Break remains untarnished by paperwork, we’re sure you can think of even more creative solutions using DocuSign. Students: Claim your free account here.