MOMENTUM’16 is days away. Leading up to the event, we’re highlighting the forward-thinking companies that help make our annual conference possible. A leader in consulting and cloud software development, Traction on Demand offers unrivaled expertise in using the platform to help their clients improve business processes, eliminate redundancies, and increase their bottom line. Below, Kevin Murray, Manager, Marketing & Alliances for Traction on Demand, explains three ways the company’s clients have benefitted from leveraging DocuSign. 

Are you only using DocuSign for sales contracting? Sure, it’s probably still the number one use case for DocuSign, but I guarantee you there are dozens of opportunities to use those envelopes in other ways across your company. I also guarantee these other use cases won’t only save trees–they’ll also save you money.

How do I know this? I work for a company, Traction on Demand, which does consulting, services and custom app development. Our work exposes us to a number of cloud-based applications and platforms that we integrate with Salesforce to enhance the power of the platform. DocuSign is one of our favourites and is the only e-signature solution we recommend. We’ve been able to create some pretty amazing use cases with Salesforce and DocuSign that have done exactly what I mentioned above; save our clients paper, time and ultimately money. Most importantly, we have created effortless experiences for our client’s customers, partners and employees.

Let’s take a look at three different ways our clients have leveraged DocuSign to support building more efficient processes outside of sales contracting:

Building A Better Guest Experience 
“We want to hand our guests a beer, not a clipboard”. The team at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCH) require their guests to fill out waivers before dropping out of a helicopter into waist deep powder and starting the steep decent down the mountain (go figure). They used to collect this info when their guests got to the resort, but nothing was a bigger buzzkill to your heli-ski adventure than sitting down and filling out a clipboard full of waivers. Not to mention the impact on the staff who then had to input that data back into the computer.
So Traction and GCH built out a customer self-service Salesforce community that was integrated with DocuSign to collect all required signatures and data before the guest arrived at the resort. The GCH team now has an 80% DocuSign completion rate, which means the majority of guests are completing all documents before getting to the resort, without any manual staff intervention. Full customer success story here and presentation slides here.
Know Your Visitors 
Every day, millions of visitors are received as guests at some of the most innovative and secure organizations on the planet, with a piece of paper and a pen. This leads to many organizations struggling to enforce orientation, security and compliance efforts, mainly because every visitor and location are different.

Leveraging DocuSign, Traction Guest created a visitor management platform that allows for each visitor to be greeted appropriately. To customize the guest experience, features include visiting specific legal DocuSign documents, picture identification, and text and email host notification. The automated capture of this information in Salesforce helps to complete the customer view so that future customer interactions take past visits into account. Traction Guest has now been deployed globally by many organizations in a number of different visitor scenarios.

Streamlining HR Request Submissions & Approvals 
This enterprise client has thousands of employees in almost a dozen countries. They wanted to automate their HR request submission process since they received over 100,000 each year. Their current paper-based process often required up to 6 people to sign off on the request, which meant a lot of sign, scan, tap on shoulder, sign, scan, tap on shoulder. Ugh.
Traction used DocuSign to fully automate the entire process, from request submission using dynamic fields to display only the required fields, to auto-populating known data fields, to a complex, yet efficient approval/signature process. What was once a manual process that took up to seven weeks to complete now uses DocuSign and can be completed with a couple clicks of the mouse. 

You’ll notice the common thread in the above use cases is a savings in time and I hope you see how that translates to dollars. Time is money (even though I hate that phrase, in business it’s true). Think about how much you pay your employees to sit at a desk and manually enter data from paper forms/contracts/surveys back into the computer. Couldn’t they be spending their time doing something more impactful to the business? You can even do cost comparison of those dollars spent on manual data entry versus an increase in DocuSign envelopes for your additional use cases. I know which will win.

I wish blog posts could be longer so I could tell you about more awesome use cases of DocuSign across departments and verticals, but 2000 word essays don’t get great reader completion rates. Point is, if you haven’t started looking for new ways to use DocuSign across the organization, you should. If you need inspiration, we can help.