MOMENTUM’16 is just a week away. Leading up to the conference, we’ve featured the innovative companies that help make our annual conference possible — including MOMENTUM’16 sponsor NetDocuments. What does this leader in cloud-based document and email management have to say about eSignature acceptance? Take a look: 

The acceptance of electronic signatures is an important topic. Fittingly, there are several special breakout sessions at this year’s MOMENTUM’16 conference focusing exclusively on this issue, e.g. “The Proof is (not) in the Paper – DocuSign Signature Legality.” eSignature acceptance is especially relevant for legal firms considering adopting technology into their document systems.

We asked MOMENTUM’16 sponsor, NetDocuments, a few questions on this topic, as well as the recent integration of DocuSign into their cloud-based offerings.

Q: eSignatures are becoming more and more common in legal circles. What risks are associated with a firm who doesn’t use eSignature integrated with an enterprise document and email management service?

A: In order for a firm or company to have a solid approach to their information governance and data privacy and compliance, documents must remain inside the enterprise document management system (DMS). When data leaves the DMS, either being downloaded or emailed to acquire a signature, that content is no longer under the security of the system, exposing the organization to data leakage, liability, and non-compliance. NetDocuments SignatureBridge spans the gap between the enterprise content management system, and the critical function of sending documents to clients and customers for a secure signature, closing the collaboration loop. No emailing, printing, or scanning, which all pose significant risk and violation of a sound information governance policy.

Q: That extra security is a powerful motivator. Is this risk what is driving software vendors like DocuSign to integrate with NetDocuments cloud-based service?

A: The incredible rise of native cloud-based solutions and services has revolutionized the way organizations conduct business. The cloud has eliminated much of the IT footprint, capital expenditures, hardware maintenance, and overall complexity of on-premises systems. However, as cloud-based solutions evolve with the market, there is increasing demand for organizations to not only move to the cloud, but to also increase functionality with their other systems through value-add integrations. The combination of client-driven demands for increased security and improved usability are driving vendors to improve the user experience and ease of use while they simultaneously increase the level of security and compliance.

Q:  How do you envision DocuSign integration impacting the legal, corporate legal, and professional services markets?

A:  Organizations are always looking for ways to improve the customer and client experience, and the integration between NetDocuments and DocuSign does exactly that. By combining NetDocuments and DocuSign via SignatureBridge, organizations and their customers and clients not only benefit from increased security, but also incredible gains in productivity, cost savings, and efficiency. On-premises or hosted on-premises systems to manage documents and email haven’t kept up with the velocity of innovation from cloud providers such as NetDocuments and DocuSign, and companies of all sizes are eager to leverage these cloud-to-cloud and best-in-class solutions.

To learn more about this new integrated offering from NetDocuments, stop by their booth in the MOMENTUM’16 Partner Pavilion or visit their website here.