By Mike Satterthwaite, Alliance Partner Marketing Manager

Most organizations today say they are working on becoming paperless. It’s almost blasphemous not to claim that. But the reality is that many still struggle with manual, paper-based processes. Look around at your own organization. Does this sound familiar?

With all the tools you have to manage documents and processes digitally, where are you still using paper? Obtaining a signature is a great example of where paper persists in many organizations. Is this starting to ring a bell?

That’s where leveraging an eSignature solution like DocuSign offers a way to complete a transaction much more quickly and efficiently. Using eSignatures also ensures you take care of every initial and signature in one meeting, so signers don’t have to do things like make repeat visits or print out physical paper documents, sign, scan and resend, to complete a single transaction.

While adding an eSignature solution like DocuSign is certainly a huge step forward, how do you make it work seamlessly with the rest of your processes? Integrate eSignatures with your enterprise content management (ECM) platform like OnBase. That’s how.

By combining the technologies of DocuSign and OnBase, you can extend the signing process to anyone, anywhere, create a flexible signature process, archive signed documents and automatically set retention policies.

In search of a completely paperless process, many organizations find that signature-related tasks create bottlenecks and delays. For some customers, signatures are still captured using pen and paper. For others, the move to electronic signatures requires employees to juggle tasks between disparate applications. The OnBase Integration for DocuSign® eSignature provides a complete solution for business processes that require secure digital signatures on critical documents, while adding additional value through process automation, a complete audit history and more.

Enable straight-through processing for increased speed and accuracy 
Because they ensure authenticity, integrity and accuracy, eSignatures have been legal in the United States since 2000. When compliance requirements mandate a handwritten signature, you can capture and apply signatures electronically to documents and forms with a signature pad. It’s that simple.

While using eSignatures is a giant step in the right direction, to be the most effective, they need to be a seamless part of your processes. For example, with DocuSign and OnBase capturing signatures and documents electronically, you practice straight-through processing, so your employees don’t have to manually print and scan copies into your line-of-business systems. In addition, employees won’t have to comb through documents to make sure they’re 100 percent accurate and complete, further improving productivity.

Once you’ve obtained a signature, documents don’t have to be printed, mailed or emailed. Instead, they immediately go into an electronic document workflow that automatically forwards them through processes, alerting key stakeholders along the way. Keeping documents digital by integrating your ECM system with an eSignature solution decreases wasted time and manual errors, truly creating a unified, auditable process.

The increased speed and accuracy of your processes gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as your staff is empowered to give answers, such as a loan approval, to prospective customers or members quicker than competitors who rely on paper-based processes.

Use OnBase to unleash the power of e-signatures 
With DocuSign managing the signature process, and OnBase streamlining the surrounding process and related documents, organizations will benefit from an end-to-end, flexible solution.

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