Leading up to Momentum, we’re highlighting the innovative businesses that help make our annual conference possible. Today we’re featuring K2, who specialize in providing organizations with visual designers to rapidly build and deploy scalable, reusable, low-code applications that quickly connect people, data, decisions and systems. Below, Erica Ford, Director, Technology Alliances, K2, shares her insights on how to leverage the K2’s low-code business process application platform + DocuSign to automate business processes end-to-end. 

The saying goes, time is money. Well, what if you had the opportunity to get more time back in your day as well as make the time you do spend on administrative tasks more valuable, all the while improving customer experience?

Imagine a world where you can eliminate paper, improve the quality of data and reduce errors in the process of your administrative tasks. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! By combining K2 with DocuSign, we can help you simplify the administration of completing contracts and elevate the role of contract administrators from data entry to content validation and verification, which will in turn make for a smoother and painless customer experience. Win, win, win. 

How do we do this? K2 has integrated DocuSign into our low-code business process application platform, which allows customers to build processes that require a signature to be automated end-to-end from within a process – keeping the process moving and visible all the way through.

Furthermore, K2’s ability to talk with virtually any backend system means that we can provide users all the information that they need in their agreement and use that data from those systems in a contextual manner so administrators and customers never have to retype a single thing. This means contract drafting, approval and signing goes from a data-entry heavy task, to a data verification task. Time given back, pain reduced and errors minimized.

For example, Janis has a new customer that she has just won and needs to send them a contract. Because they are already loaded into her CRM environment, when she goes to her New Contract process, all she needs to do is select that company in the UI and all information related to company name, address, etc. is populated – no need to retype information and no chance for typos, all speeding up the sale and improving the new customer’s experience.  

Additionally, adding the correct products and pricing to the order can be easily done by pulling from whatever system Janis’ company uses. Once the order is complete, she sends it for review. K2’s robust workflow engine makes sure it gets to the right approver automatically – including conditional routing for rules on the deal value or if the normal approver is out of the office – allowing Janis to work smarter, not longer! Once that approval is complete, DocuSign envelopes are created, the new contract document is added along with signature tabs and the signers – all based on the original form pulling from line of business systems – no data entry, no errors. All Janis had to do was verify that the data was correct and the contract is sent – deal done!

When you consider the number of hours spent on data entry for administrative tasks such as these – including the time spent fixing mistakes, reentering the same information, etc. – the cost can be astronomical, even in terms of cash. Now, imagine if all those hours could be significantly reduced so you can apply your time, and your employees’ time, to the aspects of your jobs that push business forward rather than maintain the status quo. Time and money will all be better spent that way – and who can argue with efficient use of time and money?

If you want to find out how to get more value out of your time and simplify your work and life, click here, or come visit our booth at DocuSign Momentum in San Francisco. We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Who knows, you may be able to use a new Apple Watch we’re giving away to track all the time you’ll save using K2 and DocuSign together.

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