Leading up to MOMENTUM’16, we’ve chosen to highlight some of the forward-thinking companies that help make our annual conference possible. In this sponsor spotlight, we’re featuring Intelledox, whose mobile-ready digitalization software helps over million people to do business faster, smarter & efficiently. Below, Intelledox Co-founder and Executive Director, Michelle Melbourne, offers her insights on making a successful digital transformation. 

The age of the customer has seen business strive to digitally transform their processes, and as more customers have easy access to smartphones, tablets and touchscreen computers, eSignature leads this transformation. Customers are already digitally signing their new account applications, completing financial transactions all while self-servicing their accounts.  As eSignature usage grows, a key driver to faster adoption is digitally transforming the traditional manual forms processes that drive the customer experience into an omnichannel, adaptive, interview-based process.

As per a recent Forrester report, the number of transactions settled using e-signatures was more than 210 million in 2014 and is likely to reach more than 700 million in 2017. These numbers are not only an indication of adoption of new technology but how businesses are heralding the new way of doing business – at the touch of a finger on any device, any time. Mobile and online innovation along with significant competitive pressure has augmented the immediate need to digitalize the business.

The eSignature Challenge

The first and most important step to doing digital business is eliminating the need for physical and electronic PDF forms as a means of collecting information to drive business processes. Most business still continue to use paper-based forms and physical signatures for all manner of processes; from new account agreements to employee contracts. Eliminating PDF and physical forms as the primary customer experience when acquiring, onboarding or servicing a customer and replacing them with a digital, adaptive interview process drives customer satisfaction.

In the new world of customer centricity, customers don’t want to fill out PDF or paper forms, they must instead be helped through a guided experience, at their time of need, to drive a good experience. This is where Adaptive Interviews delivered through mobile/web/anytime/anywhere can help.

For example, after being involved in a car accident, a customer can use a mobile app to file a claim and get help with “what should I do next?” An Adaptive Interview solution would know the customer is using a mobile device and will keep the interview brief and to the point. It asks if the customer is at the scene of the accident and upon being told ‘yes’ may ask if anyone was injured and if an ambulance is needed. If no one is injured, the Adaptive Interview prompts the customer for a few details about the accident, including the geolocation, uploading photos and ID’s. The system can also suggest the nearest towing service while it processes the next steps in the claims process, like saving and pushing the collected information to the appropriate Core Systems (like Guidewire, Duck Creek, Majesco etc.) and informing the relevant claims reps. It even emails the customer with a claim number and links to either call the insurance claims team or continue the detailed claims once the customer is at their home or office PC. This Adaptive Interview solution can now generate the relevant forms and documentation for a compliant claim and can pass the information to DocuSign to finalize the process. The key here is to provide a superlative customer experience that elevates the traditional process into intuitive, guided user experiences.

Switching to eSignature 

Digital process and digital signature needs are not limited to any one industry with organizations across financial services, retail and even manufacturing sector adopting this change. More and more field agents, be it in real-estate or insurance, are handed a mobile device or tablet to complete transactions. And from the perspective of the end-user customer, this is not only convenient but what they have come to expect of businesses – high quality digital experiences.

Intelledox along with DocuSign is paving the way and enabling organizations to make the switch from tedious and cumbersome PDF forms to engaging, adaptive digital interviews. Take the example of a New Account Opening process for banking or insurance, typically customers are asked to fill complex PDF forms with repetitive and sometimes irrelevant questions, which then needs to be rekeyed by the business into an existing customer database, often resulting in data entry errors.

Transitioning to an Adaptive Interview solution like Intelledox Infiniti allows customers to quickly answer only relevant questions, which then pushes the data to a core system of record and generates a personalized PDF while seamlessly launching DocuSign for the signing process, in one easy step. Intelledox Infiniti empowers business users to rapidly design, develop and deploy these applications, improving time to market and significantly improving the adoption of eSignature.  The end-to-end Adaptive Interview process not only saves cost and time but also delivers a frictionless customer experience.

Digital Transformation Best Practices 

  • The key to a smooth transition is to design the digital transformation keeping in mind the customer or end-user and making the system intuitive and easily accessible across all digital channels.
  • Business need to ask the question – Will each of my consumer group be able to use the system easily? From a 25-year old digital native to the retired veteran – the system should speak to the user in a way which is native to them. This will help companies build a solution in sync with the latest mobile advancements and for the growing demographic but still provide a convenient solution for loyal customers.
  • Each business is different, organizations should design the new process with the flexibility to support these unique needs of each business.
  • Adopting an Adaptive Interview solution like Intelledox Infiniti extends the business’s investment in DocuSign and supports passing data collected directly to core systems, eliminating the need to rekey forms data.
  • Implementing an Adaptive Interview process along with an e-signature solution results in rapid ROI by reducing costs associated with manual process, enhancing customer experience and providing omnichannel access.

With planning and use of best practices, deploying Adaptive Interviews alongside DocuSign rapidly drives eSignature adoption, reduces costs and speeds time to revenue.

Visit www.intelledox.com to see how Intelledox Infiniti and DocuSign are helping change the way businesses engage with their customers.

About the author

Michelle Melbourne is a Digital Disruptor, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Intelledox. She manages Intelledox’s team and culture to drive company growth. Michelle has over 20 years of business experience, growing Intelledox from a local IT company into a global software vendor. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.