MOMENTUM’16 is less than two weeks away! Leading up to the conference, we’re highlighting the innovative people and organizations that make MOMENTUM possible.  eOriginal is one such company. Specializing in eAsset® management services, eOriginal provides businesses with the ability to verify secure, legally compliant and enforceable electronic asset documentation. Recently, their Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Sarah Holland, sat down with John Jacobs, eOriginal’s Director of FinTech Strategies to discuss the upcoming MOMENTUM’16 conference, the company’s past successes with DocuSign, and what they anticipate for the future. 

I think it’s safe to say I definitely have the luck of the Irish. Somehow I was able to find time this St. Patrick’s Day to speak with the constantly in demand John Jacobs, our recently anointed Director of FinTech Strategies.  John took a few minutes between meetings to sit down and talk with me about the past, present, and future of our relationship with DocuSign.  In particular, we discussed one of our favorite events of the year: DocuSign MOMENTUM.

Sarah: How many years have you attended MOMENTUM?

John: I believe this will be my fifth momentum.  The growth has been tremendous, tenfold since first year.

Sarah: Do you have a favorite memory from a past MOMENTUM?

John: Not just one, but in general, our partners and customers coming together at Ruby Skye party, taking off the tie, putting business to the side, and having a great time.  I’m also looking forward to experiencing this at The Masonic this year.

Sarah: What are you most looking forward to at MOMENTUM?

John: Definitely the sessions, and sidebar meetings. MOMENTUM has become a great forum to collaborate with customers, and learn more about how various industries, with different legal, regulatory, and business requirements are implementing Digital Transaction Management (DTM).

Sarah: What are your expectations for the DocuSign/eOriginal relationship in 2016?

John: I can only imagine As the general acceptance of DTM solutions, electronic signatures, and electronic assets has grown and the adoption has increased significantly, I think 2016 is going to be a monumental year for DocuSign & eOriginal — and even more so for our customers and partners that leverage our solution.

Sarah: Do you consider any of the sessions must-see?

John: Personally, I’m looking forward to the finance related sessions, such as the “Modern Day Banking” session. I like to learn about new technology, and enhancements to the current platform, so I’ll also try to attend the new product and mobile capability sessions.

Sarah: Do you have any advice for first time attendees?

John: Come see eOriginal at our booth! Also, be sure to attend some sessions surrounding financial services. DocuSign does a nice job on the front end of the process.

Sarah: What do you think is the best customer benefit for those utilizing the joint DocuSign/eOriginal solution?

John: Across the financial industry, there has been an accelerating adoption of digital practices and a digital transformation is now viewed as a requirement for survival.  We can see this with the growing list of joint customers – SoFi, Wyndham Resorts, Upstart, Sungevity, Sun Edison, Vroom, etc. The list goes on and on. For a decade now, the DocuSign and eOriginal solution together have been an example of what DTM does for a business: creates an efficient, seamless and secure solution from the time a document has been created all the way through a document’s lifecycle.

If you can’t tell, he’s more than ready for his fifth MOMENTUM to be underway.  Can’t wait to see you there! Want to reserve some time on our calendar at the conference? You can schedule an appointment right here.