Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. Previously, Upwork had been relying on Echosign for its contract processes. Brandon Calley, Head of Enterprise Sales, explains how implementing DocuSign led to greater efficiency and control in contracting talent and allowed HR teams to redirect saved time towards critical business tasks:

The Problem 

We were using Echosign by sending contracts one-off for signature. Behind the scenes, this resulted in a clunky manual process for contract requests, version control and document management.

The Solution

We implemented DocuSign and were able to streamline the contracting process. By providing our sales, HR, services and legal teams access to DocuSign’s powerful technology, we’ve gained greater speed, visibility and control with contracting talent.

The Results 

The benefits of using DocuSign have been huge:

  • Shorter sales cycles, with a 50% reduction in contracts sent by sales.
  • Reduced time to hire for contract talent with 20% faster onboarding.
  • Key members of our legal, sales, and HR teams now have 10% more time to spend on business critical tasks
  • Gained visibility into metrics and process timeline for management and legal.

With DocuSign, we’ve also been able to capitalize on a shorter sales cycle resulting in more deals for our team and reduced time-to-hire for contract talent via our platform.

Want to hear more? Upwork will be at DocuSign’s booth (N1109) at Dreamforce on Friday, September 18th