Smartsheet, a leading SaaS company for work management and collaboration, used to rely on disparate manual processes that were not only stressful, but slowed down their workflow in multiple areas—from sales, to human resources. Upon implementing DocuSign for Salesforce along with their own integration between DocuSign and Smartsheet, Smartsheet experienced an immediate upswing in productivity. Brian Hintz, Senior Director of Business Development, explains how switching from manual processes to DocuSign saved the company huge amounts of time and provided a lasting solution to streamlining processes:

The Problem: 

In HR, our offer processes were strenuous. Previously, candidates had to find a scanner and deliver signed paperwork in person or (worse) email a scanned copy of their signed offer. Incomplete data would slow down things like background checks. Even once an offer was completed, it still required additional touch by HR to inform relevant internal parties.

Our sales department was also dealing with time consuming manual processes. This meant a lack of visibility into sales contract status. We had to copy data out of Salesforce or Smartsheet into contracts. Signing sales comp plans wasn’t just tedious, it was distracting for salespeople.

The Solution: 

With DocuSign, we were able to streamline our new candidate offer process to quickly notify all stakeholders, ensure process compliance, and speed up our onboarding process.

Furthermore, we are now able to automate sales agreements directly from Salesforce to ensure accurate data is on every contract and that a contract’s status can be viewed in the context of opportunity/account.

Sales comp data is stored in Smartsheet. By using Smartsheet’s integration with DocuSign, we can automatically send out comp plans for approval each month while showing their approval status directly within Smartsheet.

The Results:  

Benefits Open Enrollment is now automated and gives HR insight into the status on all employees while eliminating hundreds of hours of data input. Two-thirds of our sales contracts and 100% of our comp plan contracts are now sent via DocuSign for Smartsheet.

Smartsheet runs its business on Smartsheet, so being able to send DocuSign contracts directly through our product via our DocuSign integration ensures that data errors are eliminated, status is visible to everyone in real-time, and tasks are automatically completed when contracts are signed.

The new employee onboarding process is now streamlined. This not only ensures compliance but we’re able to get candidates hired much more quickly.  Lastly, our customers start their relationship with us on a positive note because the process of signing up for our service is so easy.

We are thrilled with the results of our Docusign implementation and through integrations with our other critical SaaS solutions like Salesforce and Smartsheet we will be expanding our usage across the company.

Want to hear more? Smartsheet will be at DocuSign’s booth (N1109) at Dreamforce on Wednesday, September 16th, and Thursday, September 17th.