Kris Duggan, Chief Strategy Officer, Badgeville

How do you increase adoption and long-term usage of your company’s enterprise applications? Gamification — the application of the behavior-motivating techniques from traditional and social games to non-game environments — has been gaining recognition lately as an effective way for marketers to build customer loyalty and engagement on digital properties. While that is definitely the case, gamification in the last couple of years has gained a large amount of traction in driving engagement across the enterprise, especially within sales teams and human resources.

Badgeville helps companies use gamification to incent and reward employees for completing the important, but often repetitive and less naturally rewarding, tasks that underpin business success. Additionally, it enhances daily work practices by making all enterprise applications more engaging and social. Here are six critical examples of how Sales, Finance and Human Resources can drive success with gamification:

1. Keep the Pipeline Clean. It’s extremely important that pipelines be kept clean and accurate to optimize the marketing budget and sales team growth. But for sales reps, celebrating a solid close to the prior quarter or diving back into selling to make up for a rough couple of months usually take priority over updating their pipeline. Sales managers can use gamification to reward reps for having the most accurate pipeline each quarter.

2. Encourage Contribution to a Deal: Most sales teams have reps with their own unique areas of expertise and experience. While the rep who closes the deal and his/her sales development representative will likely be the only team members to obtain a spiff, gamification enables the sales manager to reward others who contributed along the way. Implementing gamification within the company CRM system lets a sales manager offer a thank you badge to team members across the organization – even beyond the sales team. A sales manager can use gamification to encourage cross-functional collaboration and create a more efficient sales team.

3. Incentivize Paperwork and Other Administrative Requirements. Paperwork is unavoidable in areas like expense management and benefits enrollment. DocuSign makes signing paperwork easier, faster and more secure, but when employees find other tasks more exciting and pressing, you still need a way to get them to make it a priority. Why not make it fun? Rewarding employees with either peer or management recognition — or even tangible incentives — for completing required forms can create a friendly competition where employees try to outdo one another.

4. Manage Budgets and Reduce Costs. Most times, one’s reward for reducing costs within a department is…being given less budget to work with in the future. Budget management is another prime area in which peer or management recognition can go a long way towards encouraging people to put more effort toward reducing costs for the organization.

5. Motivate Employees to Learn and Participate in Training. Gamification can help spur employees to complete things like mandatory HR training, which is often not high on their list of things to do during their busy day. You can use a gamified platform to track these activities and opportunities and to showcase employee participation. As an added benefit, the platform maintains a record of all employee activities in the program, which is quite valuable information when it comes time to consider promotions, raises and other tangible rewards – not to mention ensuring compliance with rules and regulations for your company and industry.

6. Map the Path to Career Success. Peer mentorship is a powerful motivator that drives employees to want to succeed. Using gamification, HR departments can create transparent, mission-based career paths that show the steps employees have taken to level up in the organization. By showcasing this behavior in a gamified platform, other employees can see what it takes to become the top salesperson as this mentor provides a breadcrumb path to show peers the way to the top. You can even design such programs to allow team members to recognize one another for contributions made toward a common goal.

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