Had you visited the DocuSign offices last June, you would’ve seen throngs of employees donning DocuSign Pride tee shirts, chatting excitedly, and gearing up to participate in the parade in support of our fellow #LGBTQA customers, partners, and employees. This year will be no different: In both San Francisco and Seattle, employees will march together in support of the #LGBTQIA community, proudly displaying that our agreements are #SignedWithLove.

Our company culture isn’t just built around leveraging the power of our technology — we’re also committed to harnessing the power of our employees to inspire and effect positive change: For Pride 2017, we’ll carry our own banner Signed With Love by DocuSign employees. 

We’re also proud to partner with companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Apple, SAP, and Google — all of whom support #LGBTQIA legislation and the community as a whole. For Pride 2017, they’re each offering their own unique approach to show support: From Salesforce’s #Proudlyme campaign, to Apple’s 2017 Pride Edition watch band, to Google’s #PrideforEveryone 360° coverage — which will bring live footage of Pride parades to people around the world — particularly those who cannot march.

Above: We applaud Salesforce for the great example they set for every company and every individual. Proud to be part of the Salesforce ecosystem as a customer and partner, and proud to have Salesforce as a customer, partner and investor of DocuSign.

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to walk alongside family, friends and colleagues in this year’s parade. Want to find out what we have in store? We invite you to follow our Pride 2017 coverage here, here, and of course, here. And join us at the San Francisco or Seattle pride parades.

Happy Pride!

Signed With Love,

Gregor Perotto

Head of Global Corporate Marketing & Communications

DocuSign, Inc.