No two signatures are the same, and neither are an individual’s tastes when it comes to food.

Here at DocuSign, our company isn’t just filled with individuals with a deep appreciation for holiday comfort food — we also employ a large number of self-taught chefs. One even made it to the final round of auditions for a well-known cooking reality show starring a blond, British restaurateur — (you know).

Of course, while there’s no shortage of foodies walking through the DocuSign halls — they all have highly specific tastes when it comes to signature dishes. As there’s no season more filled with delectable treats, we reached out to some of our DocuSign employees to hear about their signature recipes. Whether a family recipe or discovered online, we recommend any and all of our food-enthused readers try some of these delectable dishes this holiday season.

Jonas’ “Nana’s Sausage Gravy” 

While his Asian braised short ribs with roasted coconut jasmine rice and ponzu catapulted him to the final round of auditions for the aforementioned reality show — that recipe is, admittedly, top secret.

However, here’s another winner that speaks of Chef Jonas’ southern roots! Hop on over to his website, Dad’s Guide to Grub for instructions on how to make this delectable sausage gravy.

Titus’ Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Would it really be Thanksgiving without dessert? When we polled some of our DocuSign employees — the very first response was — without hesitation — apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

While there’s no shortage of recipes, we personally prefer latticed apple pies  and homemade ice cream.

Fun fact: Though often associated with the U.S., Apple Pie isn’t American at all. In fact, the first recorded apple pie recipe dates back to 14th century England. Originally, apple pies were made without sugar, as it was extremely scarce and expensive. The crust itself was also not meant to be eaten. Rather, it was simply used as a vessel from which to eat the apples. 

Thankfully, sugar became more affordable and widely available in the centuries that followed — thus helping shape the “apple pie” we all know and love today.

Laurel’s Mashed Parsnips and Cauliflower (plant-based!)

Whether you eat a plant-based diet or not — these mashed parsnips and cauliflower are a must-try spin on traditional mashed potatoes. Not only are they delicious — they’re also entirely free of animal products. Which means if you’re prone to eating salad-bowl sized servings of mashed potatoes (we certainly are) you can indulge in this equally delicious but lighter substitute.

Get the recipe here. 

Caitlin’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

When we asked Caitlin to name her favorite holiday dish, her response was instantaneous. Pumpkin may be the undisputed king of Thanksgiving — but for those with slightly more adventurous tastes, behold the strawberry rhubarb pie: It’s half tart. It’s half sweet. It’s entirely tasty. (Plus, rhubarb is a vegetable — so…healthy, right…?)

Want a  tried and true recipe? Look no further. 

No matter what you’re cooking up this holiday season, be sure not to let paperwork get in the way. Not only does a digital transformation mean you’ll avoid the tragic fate of gravy spilled on those important documents– you’ll also expedite your business processes — which means you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!