Our “Second City” blog series places the spotlight on DocuSign employees based in Chicago and Warrenville who tell us about why they decided to join DocuSign, what they do here, what it’s like living and working in Chicago (an emerging tech hub), and more. At DocuSign, we want employees to look back at their time here and say they did the work of their life at DocuSign. This week we sat down with Kevin M. in Engineering based in Chicago to learn more about his career.

Are you originally from the Chicago area?  
Nope! I grew up two hours south of Chicago in a town called Bloomington-Normal, IL. You may or may not have heard of it, all you need to know is there’s a lot of cornfields and casual dining restaurants. I moved to Chicago to land an awesome job opportunity and to move in with my fiancé.

What do you do at DocuSign?  
I’m a Software Engineer on the Prepare team.

When and why did you decide to pursue a career in Tech?  
I was always into tech growing up, I played with computers a lot and had dreams of creating video games. By the time high school was almost over, my dad had asked if I wanted to give Computer Science a shot. The rest is history! One day I’ll make that killer video game.

What excites you most about working at DocuSign in Chicago?  
Everyone has tremendous amounts of knowledge in different fields, you can go to anyone and just pick their brains. I feel like I’ve learned more here than anywhere else I’ve ever worked. My coworkers are great. Not only do we have similar interests, sports, games, and shows. We all have the drive to do our craft better.

Based on your observations, what are the advantages of working in our Chicago office?  
I think the best thing about our office is we work hard and also make time for fun. We work together to achieve our goals as best as we can. We do it in a way that is fun to be here, a couple of laughs during the journey always helps make the day go by.

Why should somebody consider working at DocuSign Chicago and building their career here?  
You aren’t just doing busy work here at DocuSign. You are doing work that directly impacts the software immediately. Every day you can and will learn.

Chicago is an emerging tech hub, and more people are considering moving to Chicago. Tell us something about the city that you love and that others outside of Chicago might be surprised to hear or not know.  
Although Chicago sports is primarily known for baseball, football, and basketball, it has a decent soccer fanbase. There’s lots of pick-up soccer around the city. I play almost every day. There are also a lot of pubs that play league specific or team specific games. The Globe is one of the best-known soccer pubs in the city, but you’ll catch me at Pub97, which is the same place I play pick-up soccer. It’s a great place to play soccer, watch soccer, and have a drink with your mates.

Lastly, tell us your favorite “non-touristy” thing to do in Chicago.  
I love to eat, and I love burgers. Personally, I think The Moonlighter in Logan Square has the best burgers.

Interested in joining DocuSign Chicago or Warrenville and do the work of your life? Check out our job openings. We’d love to talk more.