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Our “Second City” blog series places the spotlight on DocuSign employees based in Chicago and Warrenville who tell us about why they decided to join DocuSign, what they do here, what it’s like living and working in Chicago (an emerging tech hub), and more. At DocuSign, we want employees to look back at their time here and say they did the work of their life at DocuSign. This week we sat down with Dinesh R. in Customer Success based in Chicago to learn more about his career.

Are you originally from the Chicago area?  
I’m not, but I’ve lived here for just over ten years, which is longer than I’ve lived in any other place. I grew up in South India, and I’ve lived in 13 different cities and attended nine different schools by the time I was 24 yrs old. After graduating from my Master’s program, I wanted to move to the Bay Area as most of my friends did, but my sister had moved to Chicago, so I chose to be closer to her.

What do you do at DocuSign?  
I am a Regional Delivery Manager on the Professional Services team. I lead a team of implementation experts that deliver complex, enterprise-ready solutions in our CLM (contract lifecycle management) product.

When and why did you decide to pursue a career into Professional Services? 
As a 90s kid, computers and floppy disks had just started appearing in schools in India, and I was always fascinated by them. Then the dot-com bubble of the lates 90s’ created an IT outsourcing industry in India and Y2K helped sustain and evolve the industry after the dot-com bust. Even after the bubble burst, I followed the herd and finished my degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. Though I never mastered any particular technology or programming language, I always found ways to solve problems which kept me in good stead in the tech industry. In Professional Services I get to use my technical skills to help customers, I also enjoy all the fun challenges and problem solving that comes with my job.

What are the advantages of working in our Chicago office? 
The location is great! The Chicago office is located in the Loop, just south of the Chicago River. Our office spans two floors, one of which is currently being remodeled to include a customer/partner space for giving demos and working with customers directly. The building itself has many perks including, a lounge area, full gym with Peloton bikes and yoga classes. The convenient location in the Loop makes it easy to hang out with coworkers after work or eat lunch on the Riverwalk.

Why should somebody consider working at DocuSign Chicago and building their career here? 
DocuSign Chicago really is the best place to immerse in our product fully. We have many SpringCM veterans who work out of this office and are excited to be a part of DocuSign. The energy around the office is high, and it’s a great place to get started at a growing company in Chicago’s tech scene. Also, the new floor space really encourages collaboration between teams, and we have more room than ever for new employees!

Chicago is an emerging tech hub, and more people are considering moving to Chicago. Tell us something about the city that you love. 
I feel that Chicago attracts a very unique and diverse mix of people and talent. On my team alone you will find people from very diverse backgrounds from all over the country and around the world. We have military kids, Midwesterners, first-generation Americans, and immigrants from different regions of the world, all with very different lifestyles, hobbies and interests. Imagine the different perspectives and approaches to solving a customer problem. I think this is truly unique to Chicago (I might be a little biased here).

Lastly, tell us your favorite “non-touristy” thing to do in Chicago. 
There are many “touristy” things to do that the locals love as well. Lou Malnati’s world-famous deep dish pizza and The Second City comedy club (home to many greats – Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler) are favorites among tourists and locals alike. Chicago also has so many unique neighborhoods to explore – the West Loop for the food, Gold Coast for beautiful historic homes, Magnificent Mile for shopping, Wicker Park for art and music. In summer and fall, biking along the lake and playing beach volleyball with family and friends are some of my personal favorites things to do in Chicago.

And the best thing about Chicago is there are always new restaurants popping up, and buildings being added to the skyline. In the words of Mark Twain, “It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago-she outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them. She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.”

Interested in joining DocuSign Chicago or Warrenville and do the work of your life? Check out our job openings. We’d love to talk more.


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  1. Wow. What an incredible guy. Such an inspiration to us ALL.

    I need to read more Mark Twain.

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