Our “Second City” blog series places the spotlight on DocuSign employees based in Chicago and Warrenville who tell us about why they decided to join DocuSign, what they do here, what it’s like living and working in Chicago (an emerging tech hub), and more. At DocuSign, we want employees to look back at their time here and say they did the work of their life at DocuSign. This week we sat down with Brandon R. in Sales based in Chicago to learn more about his career.

Are you originally from the Chicago area?  If not, tell us where you grew up and when/why you moved to Chicago. 
I was born in Texas and moved to Chicago when I was in high school because of my parents’ job change.

What do you do at DocuSign?  
I am a Regional Vice President of Sales.

When and why did you decide to pursue a career in Sales?  
Tech sales is a second career for me after practicing law in Chicago for five years.  I moved to Seattle with my wife for her work and decided to make a change since I always enjoyed the business development side of law.

What excites you most about working at DocuSign in Chicago?  
DocuSign is a fast-paced company and there is never a shortage of new and exciting opportunities to take advantage of, or projects to work on within the company.  DocuSign has been the most exciting and rewarding place I’ve worked in my career, and there are so many more things to look forward to in the future with DocuSign.  I was recently promoted to Regional Vice President in our Chicago office, and I am looking forward to Chicago being built out to be one of DocuSign’s major offices in the coming years.

Based on your observations, what are the advantages of working in our Chicago office?  
Being in the Loop is great. We are right across from major CTA stops and close to the Metra train stations. The Chicago office has great people and we love to celebrate wins together.

Why should somebody consider working at DocuSign Chicago and building their career here?  
Whether you are starting your professional career or leveraging your experience in a new role, there is so much opportunity at DocuSign. For anyone who want to advance their career, DocuSign has so many opportunities for individuals to excel.

Chicago is an emerging tech hub and more people are considering moving to Chicago. Tell us something about the city that you love that others outside of Chicago might be surprised to hear or not know.  
Chicago has a vibrancy that is hard to match. From our sports teams to the dozens of street festivals around the city, there is something for everyone in Chicago.  Additionally, you’ll never meet a city with more friendly people than Chicago who, at our core, want to have a good time while enjoying good food and drinks.

Lastly, tell us your favorite “non-touristy” thing to do in Chicago.  
Go to one of the many amazing restaurants in the city or get out on Lake Michigan during the Summer. Chicago’s deep dish pizza is one of my favorites and Gino’s East tops my list.

Interested in joining DocuSign Chicago or Warrenville and do the work of your life? Check out our job openings. We’d love to talk more.