When you’re scaling your company upwards, you’re reaping the seeds of a standout team culture. I always look at success as the side effect to collective passion for the company and brand. Forget the phrase, it takes a village; it actually takes a family to spike success upwards.

That being said, when you’re in the rewarding position to scale up, you need to keep your family at the heart of your growth-inducing strategies.

Of course, we champion relationships as the key to Sales success, but by the same token, your business’ upwards scaling depends upon nurturing connectivity with your own people. Your relationship with employee 10 is equally as important with employee 1000. After all, your company is only as successful as its employees.

But how do we keep this ball from ever dropping? In the thick of the upward swirl, pay it forward by keeping each and every employee in high spirits. The ball starts with you and I’ve got just the way for your employees to pass it along.

What You Give is What You Get  

It starts with your company veterans, the early people who were instrumental in building the team culture. Don’t just thank them; elevate them to positions of greater impact. Scale your employees in the same direction as your company’s growth. A funny thing will happen: They’ll start telling stories…the good kind that we want to go viral.

Gone are the grumbles of glass ceilings; instead, whispers run loud and clear over your company’s belief and care of employee success. It only takes one happy employee to pass along the story to another. Newbies will tap into the chatter and boost their energy to match their colleagues’ success.

Don’t Manage: Enable

A note to managers: Blast the proverbial loud speakers to amplify your belief in them. Here are some tunes to fire up:

Flash their upwards future in front of them: A career is like a narrative. Clarify the next chapters with your direct reports so they preview what’s in store. Let’s table cliff-hangers and keep our employees looped into how they contribute to the company’s unfolding plans.

Play to Strengths: If someone is interested in a particular business vertical, they will pump iron into their selling strategies and goals. Plus, you’ll get to hear the phrase “I don’t just work, I do what I love.

Recognize Unique Talents: Everyone is hired to complement the overall team. As you scale upwards, take a second to realize that you’re plugging in streams of unique talent that makes your company stand out. Take that moment to let people know where they shine.

Between you and me, this is the real business formula that spouts dividends. If you invest you in your people and give them a chance to expand and be recognized, you’ll kick off a spiral of company evangelism.

Before you blink your eyes, your company will enter into folklore as the company that everyone should work for.

What are you waiting for? Spark the investment in your employees and they’ll take it upon themselves to connect everyone else with the company’s potential. You’ll have a family that’s ready to take your company to the Clouds and beyond. 

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