We’ve got some exciting new updates to share with you today about the DocuSign app for iOS. With our latest release, we’ve added 3D Touch support, specifically Peek and Pop, which allows you to quickly take action right from the app icon on your home screen. Sign, remind, and more just by pressing down on the DocuSign app icon. Although this feature is currently only available for the iPhone 6S, we believe that this is just the start of more forthcoming innovations for the iOS platform and the DocuSign app.

In addition to 3D Touch Peek and Pop, we’re also pleased to announce that this release also includes enablement for the Apple Pencil with the DocuSign app for the iPad Pro. Combining the world class signing experience with Apple’s latest hardware made specifically to mimic natural writing is a no brainer.

Both of these new features are exciting new developments in the mobile world and we’re pleased to be able to offer it as part of the award-winning DocuSign mobile experience available today from the App Store.