The Easter long weekend is just around the corner and we’re all counting down the minutes. Whether it’s spending time with family, DIY projects at home or taking a mini getaway, there’s nothing quite like extending the weekend to three or even four days.

So if we all love weekends so much, why can’t we have a long weekend every week of the year? It’s not as farfetched as it sounds. It’s a simple case of finding more time in the working week.

One of the biggest time drains in any organisation is the approval process but did you know that just about any approval process in any business, no matter the size, can be made 100% digital end-to-end. Think about how much time this could save banks managing mortgage applications, lawyers drafting contracts, businesses hiring staff – the possibilities are endless.

So rather than using old fashioned processes to manage approvals within your businesses, get some of that wasted time back by digitising your business, ultimately saving hundreds if not thousands of hours a year. And once you realise just how much time your business is saving, going back to printed approvals would seem as ludicrous as doing away with email in favour of writing letters.

Check out this infographic to see how much time it takes us to complete day to day tasks and how some businesses have managed to reclaim their time using DocuSign. What do you think – would going digital save your business enough time to give you long weekends all year round?


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