Welcome Nat Ferguson as our Real Estate guest blogger! 

You might know Nat as the Real Estate aficionado behind Ferguson Realty. While he’s your dedicated Seal Beach Broker, he’s excited to plug the Real Estate community into the crackle of digital tools that make a positive difference for both realtor and client.

We’re excited to announce that Nat will be a regular guest contributor on the DocuBlog. We’re tapping into his Realtor savvy to bring you Real Estate and Brokerage best practices all the way to commentary on emerging trends.

Let’s first get introduced!

We recently spoke to Nat to capture his point of view on how technology and real estate impact the community.  Take it away, Nat!

You’re a 4th generation realtor and an evangelist for technology, what brings you to this point

Growing up in a small town, as a kid, it was always about the community. It was a small town and it was all about connections.

When I began considering career options, I wanted to maintain that sense of connectivity. Naturally, a transition to Real Estate felt natural as it would maintain and enrich my relationships with my family, friends and community.

Why is mobile technology vital for real estate success?

The way I think of it, it is inherently outside sales. Our clients and their assets are not in our office; they are outside our office. In order to be effective and provide the best customer service, you need to bring your office to them. You’re calling on them.

And this doesn’t just mean bringing your iPad or laptop to their house, it means providing them your service in whichever way is convenient. That means, in my opinion, allow them to use the tools in a way that is convenient to them. If I need them to sign something, I can empower that customer service experience by putting a contract into the palm of their hand via their smartphone or tablet. My core belief is to never inconvenience clients during the sales process.

We need to be seamless in bringing this technology to them in the midst of their busy lives.

Very true! On that note, do you have a particular DocuSuccess story that speaks to the power of mobile?

A few years back – all the way to 2010 – I was sorting through a genuinely complex Real Estate transaction where a mother was moving to a nursing home. Her home had  to be put up for sale, but was placed in a trust that included her seven children as trustees. Unfortunately, all seven were based in four different states and never in the same location at the same time.

All the real estate documents required their combined signatures. But it was too much to bring all seven trustees to California – the emotions and memories were naturally too much to bear.

Despite such emotionally fraught circumstances, I still needed to produce a clean executed document not possible with multiple scans and faxes. However, all trustees ranged 50-70 years in age. E-mail was familiar to them, and they were eager to learn DocuSign. I’m immeasurably happy to report that all seven quickly learned how to DocuSign the paperwork. In fact, they were inspired to jump onto DocuSign’s mobile platform. Throughout the experience, they neither spent an extra dime nor did they suffer unnecessary emotional stress.

With DocuSign’s signature and initial tabs, they signed and sealed all paperwork – all 75 pages. The home was soon sold without a single FedEx or fax machine in sight.

I’ll never forget that story and it remains the most important among my Docu-Experiences.

Thank you for sharing how to keep your clients’ best interests at heart. With that in mind, how do you think other realtors should set themselves up for success?

I run my business by keeping relationships front of mind. You can easily recommend other realtors to “stay in touch” with clients, but that’s not enough. Realtors need to jump one step ahead and tap into their clients’ preferences for keeping in touch. Simply put, realtors need to tailor their communication style to their clients at all times.

Real Estate communities are rapidly adopting social media, but does that add value to the crux of your client base? Make sure you’re tailoring your communications to how your client speaks. This circles back to the earlier point: Realtors need to bring their full business to the client, not the other way around.

You can learn more about Nat and his specialized brokerage at http://www.fergrealty.com or via Twitter and Facebook

Nat's standing by for your questions and comments. Drop him a line in the comments below!