We know that DocuSign customers are the champions of digitization and automation of business processes, accomplishing great things in the workplace.  And, over the next few months we will be publishing stories of their success.  In this post, however, we decided to take a look at a Digital Hero within DocuSign who is using DocuSign eSignature to drive the company’s own sales and revenue.

Ken Burke is a sales leader focused on DocuSign’s large customers in North America.  We interviewed Ken recently and asked him to tell us how he uses DocuSign to grow revenue for the organization.  Here’s what he had to say.

How are you using DocuSign as an advantage when selling to customers?

Ken:  We use DocuSign frequently throughout the sales process as we send documents and contracts back and forth.  In this way, we visibly demonstrate the value of our own product.  Our customers experience the ease and speed of our transactions and they get a sense of the potential for what they can do to benefit their own customers and prospects. And for those who are nervous as to how their IT managers will react, they are reassured by DocuSign’s simplicity and ease of use.

How does DocuSign speed time to revenue?

Ken:  With DocuSign our teams are able to move so much faster.  Let’s say you have an upcoming revenue event and you’re chasing down a signer or maybe somebody who is out of the office, and it’s the end of the quarter or end of the year.  With DocuSign we can get this event closed immediately.  We simply call the client on their cell and using our mobile app we can have them sign right then.  With DocuSign we don’t need people to be in the office with access to a printer, scanner, or fax machine. DocuSign dramatically accelerates time to revenue and avoids delays in the sales cycle.

How does DocuSign increase sales capacity and reach?

Ken:  We are a direct sales organization, and the time it takes to chase down each order can be huge.  As we look at capacity and reach, it translates really into how many transactions each person can do.  A lot of that is targeting prospects (presales), but as you are working through a sales funnel it takes a certain amount of time to transact.  With DocuSign we have cut this transaction time down significantly and as a result we have a much greater capacity across our entire sales organization.  As a SaaS-based company, the volume of add-on business and transactions for us is enormous and we need to move quickly, smoothly, and accurately with the procurement team. Because everything we do is locked down and visible with DocuSign, our Account Executives can transact on all of their opportunities at any time and manage a much larger number of deals at once.  I can tell you that our Account Executives do five to 10 times the volume that other SaaS-based companies do –  because of DocuSign.

How does DocuSign remove barriers in the sales process?

Ken:  It is critical that DocuSign is integrated into our CRM and CPQ tools; otherwise it would be a huge barrier for our sales team.  And, even more importantly, DocuSign pushes data automatically into our CRM and CPQ tools as transactions occur.  So there is only one “source of truth.”  DocuSign really becomes an extension of our CRM system.  You don’t have decoupled systems where people have to log-in and check multiple sources.  Having everything stored in one location, even though we have multiple touch points, allows our reps to have immediate visibility into every envelope or transaction to see when it was signed or who still needs to sign, what the terms of the contract are, etc.  This creates much greater efficiency and action for our sales team and procurement folks.

Thanks, Ken, for the inside scoop on how DocuSign drives revenue.  We now see how DocuSign can successfully sustain triple digit growth year on year and manage over 225,000 customers.

To find out how DocuSign can help you heroically smooth out sales processes, visit the Digital Hero: Grow Your Business page. 

This blog was created for DocuSign by Lauren O’Brien of Callan Consulting, Callan Consulting has been providing executive-level marketing consulting services to technology companies since 2000.