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Quick Tip Tuesday: Link multiple accounts in DocuSign

If you have multiple accounts associated with the same email address, you can merge them and log into both with one password. This is useful for many users who have a personal account and are added to a corporate account using the same email address.

After combining accounts, you can access and switch between all of your accounts with one login.

Note: To link the accounts, the email address for both accounts must be the same.

To merge your accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to a DocuSign account, click your profile image, then click Preferences.
  2. Under Member Profile, click Merge Users.

    Note: If Merge Users is not visible, click Names Available.
  3. Scroll to the desired account and click link.
  4. Enter the DocuSign password for that account, then click Submit.

The accounts are now linked.

Note: To switch between linked accounts, click your profile image, then click Switch Accounts.


  1. Linking works great but an importnat thing to remember is to set the primary account so envelopes are sent to the correct account.

  2. Can a Docusign account have 2 email addresses?
    I have a work email address that I have been sent documents to via Docusign so I have a login for that work email address but I also have a Docusign account that has my personal email address. It would be great if I could login with one user name and password and see both accounts.

  3. First and foremost, thank you for posting this Quick Tip! I’m an R.E. account manager at DocuSign and use this all the time to assist my accounts. A few things, I’ve never seen “Merge Users” as an option for accounts and have only ever seen “Names Available”. This can be confusing messaging as it says MERGE when it would make more sense for it to say LINK. This is confusing to the user attempting to link their accounts as MERGE is a completely different function when being added to a Commercial Account, is this tip tailored to Web Accounts? Is there a way we could update this quick tip? thanks!!

  4. Is this still accurate? I don’t see the option.

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