Transferring a paper contract to an electronic document is now easier than ever with DocuSign Ink. Users can simply capture a photo of the document, upload it to any mobile device, and sign or send it electronically within minutes. 


Here’s how to sign a photographed document:

Open DocuSign Ink and once you have arrived at the home page, tap on “Sign and Send.”


Now you can select a source to retrieve a document. Tap on “Capture” to take a photo.


From here you can easily snap an image of your document. The photo can be retaken as many times as necessary by tapping “Retake”. Once the document is accurately photographed, tap on the green “Done” button.


Once the document has been uploaded, more documents can be added to be signed or sent to other recipients. By choosing to add more documents, photos will be taken in the same process as described above and uploaded along with the first document.


Let’s move on to signing this document. Next, a screen will display three easy steps to follow throughout the signing process as the document is secured.


Now the document can be viewed with several options for signing located on the side bar. Choices include adding a customized signature, any text, a checkbox, the current date, and more. The bottom bar allows users to rotate the document or add signers. 



Signing options can be deleted by tapping the red “x” button on the upper right corner of any text box. Signatures can be resized by dragging the black corner dots of the box. Text options can also be moved around on the document by highlighting the box and dragging the entire box across the screen. 



Once the document is complete, tap the yellow “Done” button in the top left corner. At this point you can choose how you would like to send your document. You can send it through several options, such as delivering the signed document through an e-mail. Type in an email address to forward the document to and the transaction is complete! 


In addition, the document will be automatically saved in your documents as completed to access in the future. To view this document, simply return to the home screen, and tap on “Documents”. All the documents that are completed, awaiting a signature, or out for signature will be shown here. 



By tapping on a specific document, you can view the document on your screen again with the date of when the document was completed, signed, or sent out.


Now you know how to sign photographic documents right at your fingertips. Happy DocuSigning!