Two weeks ago, we showed you how to make templates for forms that are sent over and over to different people, but sometimes forms change.  Instead of creating an entirely new template, which could take hours for very complicated forms, templates can be edited.  Editing templates is quick and easy.  Under the templates menu, click on “My Templates.”

Find the template you wish to edit, and open it.

In the first screen, it is possible to change the name, the description, and who the template is shared with.  The document that will be signed can also be swapped out with a different document, such as a newer version.

Signers can be added or subtracted from the document.  The signing order can also be rearranged as well as the roles of the signers.  The email subject and message can be edited too.

Click “Next” to edit the tagging of the template.  All the standard tags can be added to or subtracted from the template.  For my document, I have decided to add a required initial to the bottom right corner of each page.

Now, when I upload the document I created the modified template for, I will select “Apply template” under the “Actions” drop down menu and select the modified template to be applied.  The old tags are still there, and the new tags appear in the appropriate places.

Just because a complicated from changes slightly does not mean a whole new template needs to be created entirely from scratch.  Templates can be edited in many ways.  This is just another easy and convenient time saving feature of DocuSign.  Happy DocuSigning!