Assuming you have any hair left, there’s a good chance you are sick and tired of scrambling to close deals on the last day of the quarter. Well, it is your lucky day because business deals just got a whole lot easier to close with a trifecta we can all but guarantee you success with.

Cloud computing, Digital Transaction Management (DTM), mobile devices… oh my! In today’s rapidly changing world of technology and mobile transactions, business is changing right before our very eyes. The moment we see a trend emerge and begin to adjust accordingly, it seems another avenue materializes and we are even more impressed than before. And that’s the beauty of DTM— it is rapid, efficient, and successful, and who wouldn’t want that list to be attached to their business?

Cloud computing within the Sales and Sales Operational vertical takes deep root in three pressing trends as of late:

Data Integrity: As more data is collected on our customers, security is of the utmost importance. Our application’s security levels are continually increasing, as the last thing we are looking to be is at the center of a security mishap.

Customer Experience: It is a simple equation— we are all customers in some fashion, looking for a simple, quick, and easy product. That is just what cloud computing and DTM provides. Consumers are realizing at an increasing rate just how useable and intuitive the digital experience is.

Mobility: Business transactions anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device— it really doesn’t get better than that. Work is no longer confined by the walls of an office but can virtually be conducted in any location under any circumstance. If you were looking for the definition of efficiency, there it is.

These trends serve as the foundation that is propelling cloud computing and the digital revolution at its core. With the customer as our focus, we are bringing the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness to the market.

Keeping the seemingly endless benefits of cloud computing in mind, the Sales and Sales Operations team is on an active pursuit of progress. This quest for mobility has changed everything. We now have a highly critical focus on fully utilizing the cloud, leveraging mobile devices to a digital front, using digital process to finalize transactions, cloud applications in the sales community, and more. In turn, sales processes are leveraging cloud applications and more people are accessing and relying on the cloud each day. This push to use the cloud to go from quote to cash is enormous.

DocuSign is writing its role in stone as a thought leader in this industry right now. Each time we are able to engage with a top company or telecommunication subscriber reinforces DocuSign’s emphasis on costumer service. And let’s face it— at the end of the day we care about customer satisfaction above all else. If the customer is happy, the company is happy… and let me tell you, the customers are ecstatic.

We are seeing a change in who is interacting with the cloud computing and DTM technology. Before, we saw a majority of business-to-business transactions but have noticed a shift to business-to-customer interactions as of late. People are using DocuSign as a way to interact with customers in a personal way, further allowing companies to effectively engage with their subscribers and drive the customer experience. This professional flow of commerce has to be flawless; is has to be mobile enabled. Security and scalability has to be present and nothing on the market ensures this as confidently as DocuSign.

In order for us to achieve a holistically digital process, a sound handoff between data and applications is required. Work within the source (such as Salesforce) requires a deep level of integration to develop an unparalleled level of integrity, infrastructure to handle such a wide breadth of data, and immaculate security. DTM ensures this pair of security and performance unlike any other processing flow we have seen before. Leveraging out the DTM platform enables integration of data security and performance, which is mandated by the consumer— the ultimate driver of production.

We have experienced an increased level of efficiently in the Sales community as of late. Key areas of growth include revenue, visibility of our most important agreements, audit of every transaction, data reporting in real time, closing in on the cloud… it truly is all about productivity. Efficiency is transcending all avenues of our business— execution of transactions, reporting transactions, preparation of workflow, visibility of the life cycle of the transaction, the ability to report and access data— to name a few.

The shift to cloud computing is a no brainer… adjust accordingly.

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